By Rosie Moore

I went to the Public Library recently to get some reading material. I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted so I hurriedly latched on to two books and hoped for the best. I was rewarded for my haphazardness because the books I picked gave me food for thought.

“The Wonder of You,” written by Susan May Warren, is a Christian love story, and I’m anxious to read some more of her novels. It is a Christiansen family series which highlights the importance of family, the necessity of faith, and how losing yourself for the right reason can open your heart to something beautiful. The author has a “knack for creating captivating and relatable characters that pull the reader deep into the story” (an excerpt from a reader).

For a non-fiction book, don’t miss “Abraham” by Charles Swindoll, a noted evangelical Christian pastor, author, educator and radio preacher.

I like to think of Abraham as a 21st century person, an avuncular-kind of guy, kind to his fellow man, loving God deeply and a great leader. He would have been steadfast and strong in this day and age. When God told him and Sara that they will have a son, Sara actually laughed at God. Here they were, two elderly people, there was no way they could have a son. But God performed one of his miraculous miracles and a son was born to them. I know Abraham was good to this son, probably took him hunting, taught him all the basics of life on their journey to Caanan-land. But one day God made a surprising request. “Offer your son as a sacrifice to me”. And Abraham didn’t hesitate. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. But I think down deep in his heart he thought, no, God doesn’t really mean this, surely he doesn’t want me to do this.

Most people know the ending to this miraculous tale. Read the book and find out why Abraham was the leader of the Israelites.

“What does it take to reveal the true beauty of a hidden gem?” The answer is in the book, “A Beauty Refined” by Tracie Peterson. “Phoebe Von Berger, the daughter of a German count, is excited to visit America for the first time while her father purchases sapphires in Helena, Montana. Little does she know, however, that her father’s intentions, both for her and the gemstones–are not what she thinks.”

I must confess I have not read this novel yet, but it’s next on my list.

Last, but not least, I can’t neglect mentioning the Bible. Many people write to Rev. Billy Graham and say they try to read the Bible but it’s boring. He advises them to start in the middle or go on to the New Testament, specifically the book of John. To read a chapter or two every day gives one enough strength to progress through the day.

Thought for the day: Do you have eyesight? It’s a gift. Do you have a good mind? It’s a gift. How about dexterity in your fingers? Or special skills that allow you to work in your occupation? These are all gifts from God’s hand. Reflect on His numerous gifts to you. It will increase your joy. It will make you smile! A quote from Charles Swindoll.

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