Clear Springs Baptist Church Celebrating 125 Years! (Part 2)

By Ralphine Major

It was a beautiful ending to the morning service at Clear Springs Baptist Church in Corryton, Tennessee.  The 125th Anniversary celebration inside the church was packed with special moments including comments by Congressman Tim Burchett and special music featuring the church choir and Maddox family.

Outdoors, the celebration continued with the raising of a giant 100-foot American flag and two 80-foot flags.  “They stand well high enough for all of the Gibbs community to see,” Pastor Justin Pratt said.    “The church wants them to be a perpetual reminder for all who see of their love for God, America, and their community,” he added.  It is worth noting that all the men and a few of the ladies (approximately 80) standing at the base are the Clear Springs’ veterans and current military who did the initial raising of the flag.  “It was a beautiful moment,” Rev. Pratt shared.  “We also informed the church on that day and gave them an artist rendering of a history wall we are building in the church that highlights 125 years of ministry to be completed by November,” he added.

While the 125th Anniversary may be a climax in the history of Clear Springs, their work continues.   “We also are beginning construction at the first of the year of our 700-seat balcony and also adding a new Sunday school wing this fall/winter,” Rev. Pratt continued.  Clear Springs Baptist Church, truly a light in the community—serving God and ministering to others.

Words of Faith: Clear Springs’ inspiring theme verse from the Book of Psalms bears repeating.  “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:23 (KJV).