If you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny.

Elon Musk


It is easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled.

Mark Twain

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

It is hard for me to imagine what Joe Biden is thinking. We are both Americans, and yet it would seem we come from different planets. As a writer of science fiction, I have often imagined how humans might appear to an alien culture. My Stellar Trilogy novels, “Mantis” and “Epiphany,” deal with this perspective.

Empathy is the projection of oneself into the mind and feelings of another. In other words, trying to be sensitive to the feelings and perspectives of someone else. As an internist and geriatrician, I was trained to analyze my own emotions as I interviewed a patient. I have found it true that my feelings were often a mirror of what my patient was experiencing and projecting. There are obvious limits to this assessment because it requires honesty, genuine concern and sanity. Joe Biden’s Code Red for Humanity is dishonest, detached and delusional.

After her infamous Taco Speech, Jill Biden lamented that Ole Joe just can’t catch a break with all the crises he faces. The “doctor” is likewise duplicitous, detached and perhaps delusional because Ole Joe and his handlers have created most of the problems of his disastrous presidency. It is stunning that in a year and a half our country has lost energy independence, a national border, respect in the world and is facing recession from spiraling inflation, shortages and doubling of gas prices. And instead of doing what is best for America, Ole Joe has doubled down declaring a “climate emergency.” Actually, this is a political crisis rather than a climate crisis.

Years ago, I wrote an essay about “climate change,” once called global warming. There is a saying in journalism that goes, “If it bleeds, it leads.” In other words, crisis, murder, mayhem, disasters and fear sell and appear on the front page, on TV and on devices.

A quick review of the Internet shows dozens of predicted natural disasters which never occurred. Some notable examples are nitrogen buildup which will make all land unusable (1970), and a new Ice Age by 2000 (1970). In 1989 the UN warned that entire nations will be wiped out by 2000 due to global warming. Great Britain will be Siberia by 2024 – tell that to Britons now sweltering in the summer heat. Oil will be depleted by 1972 and Manhattan underwater by 2015 (2005). And remember Y2K, killer bees and ozone depletion?

I’m not a denier that climate changes. Greenland was once green before the Industrial Age. We should be careful how we use resources. And we should limit polluting the environment. I’m a conservative. The word derives from conservation. However, I refuse to sit in the dark and be cold or perish in the sweltering heat of summer because priggish John Kerry and the detached iPOTUS need to distract us from their disastrous policies.

Actually, our local weatherman got it right last Wednesday because, as predicted, we had big storms and 2 inches of rain! I’ll concede that it is difficult to predict the weather in the Tennessee Valley, but I also maintain that computer models to predict what will happen 10, 20 or 50 years in the future are ludicrous. I am not a computer geek, but I understand the perspective, “junk in, junk out.” There is an equivalent in medicine because errors entered into electronic medical records are perpetuated, go viral and are almost impossible to eradicate. I’ve seen it happen.

We certainly have urgent issues, but only 1% of Americans list climate as the most important. I’ve asked many to tell me what they think is working in America. I quickly interject that my marriage is working. My spiritual journey is positive. The new worship service we attend is impactful. I’m more concerned about inflation, the economy, the invasion at our southern border, crime, the disintegration of our culture and China than I am about climate, the January 6 Soviet-like show trial or gender dysphoria.

The Democrats seem terrified of Russians. Actually, Putin is tied down in Ukraine and has an economy of a fraction of California and Texas. China is our nemesis and is on the move worldwide. Perhaps Hunter Biden has assured Ole Joe that he can do business with Communist China. Joe did say, “Hunter is the smartest person I know.”

The Democrat “Green Dream” is focused on renewable sources of electrical energy such as windmills and solar panels. It disturbs me that China makes three-fourths of all solar panels and lithium batteries. Furthermore, 70% of wind turbine factories are in China. Our enemy will ostensibly be in charge of our energy grid with the Democrat vision.

However, I think something is working. Americans are now aware of the disastrous Democrat policies. Even the fear-mongering to keep us masked and locked down is failing. We now know the March 2020 shelter-in-place request to “bend the hospitalization curve” was a ruse, recently admitted by the scarf queen, Dr. Deborah Birx.

Humans are social creatures and wither without contact with others. We are seeing the destructive results of the enforced isolation of Covid. Our children have lost two years of schooling. Suicide, depression and drug use have skyrocketed. Churches have been emptied, social gatherings curtailed, businesses and livelihoods destroyed and President Trump’s vibrant economy decimated. It’s been two and half years and we’re still threatened by Democrats, the media, CDC and Fauci. I will remain sensible in church and crowds, but I believe we must choose life or we’re already dead.

We have also acquired a healthy degree of skepticism for experts, elites, government, its agencies and even science, which has been perverted by politics.

You may remember the radio parodies of Earl Pitts, American. It turns out that Earl was right. It’s time to “Wake up, Amerika!” We must vote and throw the bums out.