You can lead someone to knowledge, but you can’t make him think.


By Dr. Jim Ferguson

You can teach an old dog new tricks, and I offer myself as an example. Since my retirement, I have added doing wash, vacuuming and cleaning toilets to my resume which has always included taking out the trash and busing the dinner dishes. However, Becky’s fancy dishwasher scares me just like the furnace in the basement scared Kevin in “Home Alone.”

Becky remains the undisputed manager of our home and never ceases to surprise me. Years ago, as she was “driving Mr. Jim” she asked me to search for her sunglasses in her handbag. The contents of women’s purses mystify me. I found her glasses as well as a 25-foot steel tape measure and a ball peen hammer! Her explanation was we were building our retirement home and said she “might need them.”

Becky is my “Handy Ma’am.” She is the practical one allowing her bookish husband time for contemplation. However, I’m not a slug because I take care of the yard, garden, orchard and vineyard and help with household chores. Last week I was cleaning out the freezer ice bucket and came across an unusual item, a frozen paintbrush in a sandwich bag. When I showed this to Becky, she matter-of-factly told me that a paintbrush can be reused if it’s wrapped properly and put in the freezer. Like me, Becky is conservative and frugal. We were taking care of the environment and recycling before it was cool.

A liberal friend recently confessed she was unaware of the rampant homelessness, crime wave and drug crisis in Portland, Oregon. Obviously, I keep up with Portland news because my daughter and her family live there. And I am aware because I peruse news sites other than the mainstream media. We are bombarded with liberal messaging. Tennessee is a more conservative state than those in New England and the “left coast.” And yet, of the 80-plus news outlets in Tennessee, only three offer a conservative perspective like The Knoxville Focus. Perhaps my liberal friend does not get the full story from MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow or The View. “You should read widely, consider carefully and sift everything through your conscience and common sense” (JVF).

As I read about Whoopi Goldberg doing a lap dance on a View co-host, I wonder what kind of person watches The View or MSNBC? Apparently, a lot do because there are a bunch of useful idiots who plan to again vote for the decrepit, demented and deceitful Democrat.

Those of us who consider perspectives other than the mainstream media’s are aware of the biggest scandal in the history of our country. The mainstream media called the 5-year investigation and Durham Report a “nothing burger.” The media’s talking heads all chirped the same phrase after years of squawking that the Mueller investigation would destroy President Trump. It didn’t because Mueller’s investigation, as well as the DOJ Inspector General’s report and now Durham, found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion/conspiracy.

Now that Durham has traced the discredited and infamous Steele Dossier and the Russian collusion lies to Hillary Clinton, one wonders how the intelligence agencies were enlisted to promote the salacious lies to their media co-conspirators since Hillary did not have the power to do so. Enter Obama, who had the power, and both he and Biden knew about Hillary’s ruse to distract from her unsecured private server use and the destruction of her unsecured communications with Obama. Apparently, the Democrat darling is nothing but a cheap politician like Biden and “crooked” Hillary. And the slavish mainstream media, Tech Lords and useful idiots followed right along with the slander and election tampering scheme.

Although I am retired from being responsible for people’s care, I am often asked medical questions by friends and family. And I’m happy to oblige; it’s what I can do. There is a huge difference between being responsible for someone’s medical care, and just interpreting medical-eze or offering explanations of complex medical conditions.

Recently, a friend who previously suffered a stroke called me about rehab and brain recovery. The issue is one of “brain plasticity,” defined as “any change in neuron structure or functions that is observed either directly from measures of individual neurons or inferred from measures taken across populations of neurons.”

We are born with roughly 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) in the brain – about the same number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The brain weighs approximately one pound at birth and increases to three pounds as an adult. Most of the growth is in early life, with maturity occurring around 25 years.

For a long time, we have known that brain cells can form new connections with other brain cells. Think of learning to ride a bicycle where new connections are formed (learned). However, doctors once thought that adult brains couldn’t generate any new brain cells. It is now thought that people have the capacity to develop new cells as well as learn new tasks. Stroke rehabilitation involves stimulating work-around pathways and perhaps the generation of new brain cells and connections.

If stroke victims can learn new pathways and grow new brain cells, perhaps liberals or even enslaved useful idiots can be enlightened and rescued from their indoctrination. This is even possible for the audience of MSNBC and The View, but I doubt Maude Behar or the CEO of soon-to-be “Bud-lighted” Target can be saved in my lifetime.

So, in the spirit of enlightenment of those who desire to hear the other side of the argument before making up their minds, consider the following “connections” which have come to light from investigative reporters like Andy McCarthy, the Durham report and others:

Obama knew about Hillary Clinton’s non-secure and illegal email account; in fact, he communicated with her using an alias. (While Secretary of State, was Clinton selling access for donations to The Clinton Foundation?)

Obama (and Biden) knew that “crooked” Hillary paid for and promoted the scurrilous Russian Collusion hoax.

Obama must have authorized the intelligence agencies’ cover-up because Crooked Hillary did not have the power to do so.

And did Obama authorize FBI Comey to exonerate Clinton to cover up Obama’s unsecured communications with her?

We may never know. But unless we demand the truth and justice, We the People can never again trust the government or our leaders, and America is done.