By Dr. Jim Ferguson


I’m almost shamed to admit it, but I’ve stopped listening to Obama. As a Christian I can forgive him, but I cannot forget his repeated lies to our country. Actually, I pray for Obama, all our leaders, and even those of ISIS who are possessed by evil. I pray that all of them are humbled, and from a bent knee they may be helped by The Great Physician.

Forgiving is not forgetting, and after almost six years I’m tired of Obama and the Democrat excuses. As I’ve said before, I am not a Republican, but the Republican controlled House of Representatives has passed more than three hundred and sixty bills that languish on the despicable Harry Reid’s Senate desk. It’s not working, folks, and even the obsequious media can’t put lipstick on this p.., uh policy failure. Now, we’re asked to believe that the Nobel Peace Prize Obama is up to the task of waging war and protecting us. I’m dubious because his policy track record is abysmal.

Obama told us we could keep our doctor and our health plan – not true. He told us there wasn’t a “smidgin of corruption” in the IRS, and it must have been “rogue agents in Cincinnati” who targeted conservatives – not true. He said our economy has been in recovery since the summer of 2009, yet ninety-two million Americans remain out of work and most of the new jobs are part time or low paying service sector jobs. It’s no wonder that the Democrats are again promoting an increase of the minimum wage. Your Big Mac will now take more out of your pocket so that the low skilled, drive-through window person will receive more.

I’d like to believe that Obama cares about our country, but I no longer believe that. It may sound like piling on, but Obama’s world view that America is the problem, preached from Cairo to the United Nations, has led us to our current mess. When the New York Times writes that Obama has a “fundamentally misguided view of the world,” we can be assured that even the liberal media has decided that speech making is no substitute for a big stick in a hostile world. There are consequences for choices. Obama’s decision to remove all troops from Iraq in 2011 left a void that has been filled by ISIS. And We The People must accept the consequences of electing this misguided man, twice.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. (This is apparently true even though images can be digitally altered and are no longer admissible in court.) Case in point is the Ray Rice elevator video showing him deliver a knock out punch to his charging girlfriend. I admit I’m a feisty guy who learned the school-yard rules early on. I’ve had my clock cleaned several times growing up, but I’ve never thought about hitting a woman. Perhaps that’s the standard with hoodlums.

Obama delivered his war speech on the eve of 9-11 to tell us how he plans to defeat ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). I refuse to refer to these terrorists perverted by evil as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The Levant is a Geo-political region in the eastern Mediterranean that includes Israel, Cyprus, and Jordan. None of these states chops off heads or want to be a part of the murderous caliphate of ISIS.

Americans are tired of war. However, fatigue and isolationism don’t make the reality of evil go away; actually retreat emboldens evil. Tecumseh Sherman, infamous in the South for his “March to the Sea, once said, “War is cruelty. The crueler it is the sooner it will be over.” Our fourteen year war against the Islamic extremists of Al-Queda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS will not go away with speeches. The forces that drove the Arab Spring are not those of our American Revolution. The Bush Doctrine was wrong to assume that freedom is a fundamental yearning of all people. And now everything has changed with more videos. Americans finally get it after watching the beheading of two American journalists by ISIS. Edwin Burke once said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” I am heartened that America’s indignation has forced Obama to man up and stand up for right.

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that has been copied in many cultures. The pithy proverb says, “Wealth does not pass three generations.” A more modern adaptation holds that the first generation builds it, the next generation makes it a success, and the third squanders it. Our generation must not squander America, the “City on a Hill.”

I wrote some weeks ago about a 1991 book that predicted an external challenge to America which would begin in 2014. The seeds of political correctness, expedient tolerance, and the renunciation of God and “right,” sown over the last 50 years, have led us to the brink. Jesus’ disciples once asked him when the end times would come, and he told them that their question was not appropriate. I challenge you to read Matthew chapter 24 and see what the wisdom of the ages says to you.

Fred Sanford in the old sitcom Sanford and Son often cried out as he clutched his chest that “This is the big one.” I certainly can’t predict the future, and apocalyptic literature is, in my opinion, confusing. I do know a bit about the past and how it shapes the present. These days I try to focus on this present moment and do my best and my duty for God and country and those I serve. Yes, I borrowed from the Boy Scout oath. I was Tenderfoot once and this lesson was one that I learned and can claim. It seems so right in these troubled times.