I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.

Humorist Will Rogers

By Dr. Jim Ferguson
If you ever wondered why our country is such a mess, just consider the recent “catfight” in the House of Representatives between AOC, MTG and Jasmine Crockett. The New York Post referred to the spectacle as a spat between “mean girls.” Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania described the dust-up as might happen on the Jerry Springer Show. We are not governed by the sharpest knives in the drawer. But hey, we vote and elect these people. And as Andrew Breitbart once observed, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

I recently quoted Rush Limbaugh regarding liberal progressives. Their policies ruin everything they touch. As examples, consider Bud Light, Disney, Harvard, sanctuary cities and blue states like California. And just when I thought it might be safe to again watch NFL football, Roger Goodell and his woke DEI loons disparaged Kansas City Chiefs kicker, Harrison Butker, for his opinions regarding his Catholic faith. Wokesters are not stupid, they are just intolerant, perverse, anti-American and dangerous. Even Bill Maher defended Mr. Butker. So, the NFL is back on my boycott list. Bud Light never left the list; it’s a lousy tasting beer.

The focus of this week’s essay found me last Monday morning. I read multiple newspapers and news outlets daily, but my favorite paper is the New York Post. It is the oldest newspaper in the country and was begun by Alexander Hamilton in 1801, 50 years before the NY Times. Monday’s editorial piece by the accomplished NY Post journalist, Miranda Devine, contrasted the recent graduation speeches by Harrison Butker at a private Catholic college, Tony Fauci, who spoke at the Columbia Medical School graduation and Joe Biden who addressed the historically Black, all-male Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

As expected, the mainstream and social media expressed outrage that Mr. Butker spoke about his faith and offered his opinions. Folks, the people who scream about tolerance are demonstrably the most intolerant voices in America. They are intolerant of anyone’s opinions different from their own.

With her permission, I offer my wife Becky’s opinions of her chosen role in our marriage. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee in food sciences and also has a master’s degree in Child and Family Studies. In our marriage, we see each other as co-equals. I practiced medicine and she was the CEO and manager of our home, finances and family. Anyone who denigrates the role and responsibility of managing the family is not just uninformed, but an ideologically driven fool.

I’ve come to believe that tolerance is overrated. A friend has a T-shirt that says on the front, “I am intolerant of…” and continuing on the back reads… “pedophilia, racism and misogyny!” The so-called Silent Majority, the Tea Party conservatives and MAGA types have been too tolerant for too long. All we want is a smaller, less intrusive government, lower taxes and to be left alone. We are now in a “barely civil war” to protect our beliefs and save our country.

Recently, I quoted an anonymous source who opined, “Tolerance leads to acceptance, which promotes corruption of values which promotes ultimate collapse.” The cartoon character Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” We have been shamed (gaslighted) into tolerating liberal progressive lunacy and elected politicians who gave us the drug and homeless crisis, crime, rising cost of living and inflation, the border invasion, the religion of climate change, but intolerance of traditional religion’s values, the all-electric vehicle farce, the destruction of women’s sports, the transgender craze and last, but not least, the weaponization of government and its politically directed, corrupt lawfare to interfere with the election system. We’ve been too tolerant of liberal-progressive loons, but no more. I will not be silent. I will be like Rosa Parks and refuse to sit in the back of the bus.

And now we move on to the recent evidence that Dr. Fauci and our government did in fact fund gain of function research at the Wuhan virology lab in China. Furthermore, our elites suppressed the origin of Covid when the modified virus escaped the lab and swept across the world killing millions. Fauci’s lieutenant, Dr. Morens, colluded with and covered for Fauci, deleting emails of their Covid coverup and their funding of gain of function research.

And lastly, we read of the disgusting, angry, racist rant by Joe Biden at the Morehouse College graduation. The words and tone harkened to his diatribe at the State of the Union address in January 2024 and his Philadelphia address in 2022 with soldiers and “Hellish” red backdrop. What a disgrace to tell graduates of college that they are victims, incapable of managing their lives because of America’s systemic racism.

Biden’s words were undoubtedly written by the liberal progressive ideologues who run the Biden administration. But if there is a shred of sanity left in Joe Biden, he chose to read those words at Morehouse College, the State of the Union address and in Philadelphia. Three strikes and you’re out, “Big Guy.”

I’m done with anti-American, anti-religious, anti-tolerant woke, liberal progressive ideology. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, who lie and manipulate people and the language with euphemisms in their quest for power, money, and prestige.

It is past time to say no to these destroyers. It is time for Americans to stand up and be counted. Of course, there is risk, but we are not being asked to assault the beaches of Normandy, winter at Valley Forge or fight at Gettysburg. I am asking for patriots to be courageous and resolute in defiance of these perverters of our culture and our country. You must vote to remove the destroyers and then we must insist that they are investigated and the guilty punished.

I realize that speaking out puts me at risk of investigation or even being charged with some fake crime like President Trump. Or I might be silenced, as the corrupt and despicable NY Judge Merchan trying to silence President Trump.

So be it. And if you see this column go dark, you will know why.