COVID-19 Was Political From The Start

By John J. Duncan Jr.

Jane Fonda said just before the last Presidential election that “Covid was a gift to the left.”

I believe that Covid-19 was used in a very political way right from the start. People hated Donald Trump so much that they were determined to go to any length to defeat him.

With the economy booming, gas prices low, the border secure, the U.S. safe from international threats, and a very weak Democratic candidate it was obvious that desperate measures had to be taken.

One way – perhaps the only way – was to blow the coronavirus outbreak totally out of proportion, exaggerate it to high heaven, and shut down as much of the economy as possible.

The blue Democrat-run states, where teachers’ unions were the strongest, and even in most red states, the schools were shut down even though there was almost no threat to children.

As Emily Oster, a liberal professor from Brown University wrote several weeks ago in the Atlantic Magazine: “The health risks of in-school spread were relatively low, whereas the costs to students’ well-being and educational progress were high.”

She added that the precautions were “totally misguided,” and “Obviously some people intended to mislead and made wildly irresponsible claims.”

Chief among these was Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was an unknown bureaucrat for most of his career and largely ignored. Then, almost overnight, he became a celebrity, was on TV every day, and obviously gloried in his newfound fame.

It is my opinion that he really was an evil man who in 2012 wrote an article for the American Society of Microbiology saying if a scientist “became infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately a pandemic…the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks.”

Also, many high level federal bureaucrats love to open offices in or send money to foreign countries so they can justify traveling there. Thus, Fauci sent millions to the Wuhan, China lab to fund research to find the probable cause of the coronavirus outbreak.

We should have handled the whole situation just like the 1957-58 Asian flu outbreak when the world and U.S. population was only about 60% of what it is now and which possibly killed more proportionally then. Nothing was shut down then and children were not hurt, and many thousands of small businesses did not go under.

The reason for our overreaction was the 24-hour news cycle and the media’s hatred for Trump as well as Big Pharma’s public relations and lobbying campaigns so they could gain governmental immunity from lawsuits and rake in billions and billions of taxpayer dollars.

Isn’t it interesting that Africa, the least-vaccinated continent, had by far the fewest Covid outbreaks, and Australia, which is 96 percent vaccinated and boosted, is now in its fourth outbreak?

Liberals don’t like for people other than themselves to have too much personal freedom, and thus they favor things like lockdowns, mandates and forced vaccinations.

Lord Sumption, a former member of the British Supreme Court, said recently that Britain’s public finances were “in the worst shape since World War II” and “the main culprit lurking in the background: the lockdowns of the last two years.”

Obviously, the U.S. panic led to a worldwide panic in almost every developed country except Sweden, which Sumption pointed out “in terms of both cases and deaths were a lot better than ours.”

Columnist Paul Craig Roberts said the “Covid virus was not the threat it was presented to be and the ‘vaccine’ was neither effective nor safe.” He added that the “pandemic was an orchestration for profit, power…and the public health agencies responsible for protecting public health went ahead and created a climate of fear, based on the lie that there was no available treatment…”

According to the CDC, 94% of so-called Covid deaths were in people who had co-morbidities such as stroke, heart failure, pneumonia, diabetes, or other health problems. By far the highest percentage was in people 80 or older and would probably not even have been classified as Covid deaths except for the fact that the Democratic Congress wanted the number to be as high as possible, and hospitals were paid more if Covid was listed as the cause of death.