Remember, no country that lost its moral compass and character has ever kept its liberty.

General Michael Flynn.

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

I can’t keep up with the Biden Administration’s disasters. If I wrote a story every day, I couldn’t chronicle all of the mayhem they create. On Presidents’ Day, Biden had the gall to go to Ukraine instead of supporting the people in East Palestine, Ohio. He promised Zelensky more money and arms to fight Russian aggression while doing diddly-squat for the citizens of Ohio.

I am not an isolationist, and I am sympathetic with the Ukrainian people, but I care more about my own border – eliminated by iPOTUS – than Ukraine’s border. We’re now fighting another war in Europe – the third in the last 100 years – which is the result of poor foreign policy. We are pushing Putin into economic and military ties with China and risking nuclear war. NATO and the free world are now fighting a proxy war in Ukraine against Communist Russia and China. WWI began with similar lunacies of escalating tensions and shadowy alliances.

Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about the European war, destructive Democrat policies, my family and EMP weapons. What?

I first heard of electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMP) some years ago when I read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen. I don’t like apocalyptic stories, but I was intrigued by the author who was ex-military and taught history in a western Carolina college where the 2009 book takes place. I won’t tell you about the novel or the sequel, “One Year After,” but you need to be aware of the dangers we face.

A nuclear detonation at ~70,000 feet is designed to produce a surge of gamma radiation instead of ground level destruction. This radiation interacts with atoms in the atmosphere, stripping electrons from their nuclei and creating a secondary pulse wave of electromagnetic radiation. This wave is designed to disrupt electrical signals, and will literally fry microcircuitry such as computer chips. The electrical grid will collapse, cars won’t run and planes will fall from the air.

President Trump commissioned experts to find ways to protect our electric grid from an EMP attack by shielding our infrastructure. Biden canceled this project. The huge Chinese balloon was shot down at 60,000 feet. Now, I’m no expert, but it certainly seems plausible that a balloon flying over our country could be a vehicle for transporting a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse weapon.

I’ve been thinking. What would it be like if you woke up some morning and everything that you held as true was false? A friend recently discovered her spouse has been unfaithful for years, and she has been forced to confront that terrible reality. I’ve been wondering what it would be like for someone who voted for Joe Biden to be confronted with the reality of his mayhem and dementia.

I recently wrote that Becky and I saw Hamilton. The staging and the choreography were wonderful. And although much of the history is told in rap, which is not my thing, the story is nonetheless compelling. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison hated Hamilton and worked to destroy him. However, at the end of the play, they were confronted with the reality that Hamilton was a genius and moved the country “from bankruptcy to prosperity.” I wonder if anyone else in the audience considered the analogy to “45.”

Becky is the manager of our home and is the undisputed Queen of Kroger coupons and gas points. Consequently, we were troubled to hear of a young mother who was shot to death in a Kroger parking lot in Columbia, South Carolina. A friend recently told me about a teenager who asked her to explain her bumper sticker thanking President Trump for Operation Warp Speed. The teenager’s mother flew into a rage when my friend answered the young man’s question. I’ve always thought that driving in parking lots is dangerous. But it may not be just automobiles. Crazies are dangerous, especially now that crime and Gotham have spread to Main Street.

The leadership of the FBI, DOJ and Department of Homeland Security are crazy. They seem to think that white supremacists are everywhere so they continue to investigate parents at school board meetings, the Catholic Church and perhaps conservatives who write newspaper columns.

I have never known a white supremacist. Last week I read of a woman in Florida who was randomly shooting at cars and killed someone. Neither the South Carolina or Florida women murderers are white or reportedly “supremacists.”  Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like the Feds should be addressing the daily carnage in Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia and other Democrat run cities. And here’s another factoid: people who are licensed to carry a firearm rarely commit murders.

But there is more. Just in the last few weeks I’ve read of food processing plants being destroyed, 100,000 chickens burnt up at a chicken farm, people shooting and disabling power stations in North Carolina and a renewable energy plant in Miami consumed by fire. You hadn’t heard of this last conflagration? Well, neither had my friend who lives in Miami because the news media didn’t report it. And another train just derailed in the Midwest, but Pothole Pete says there’s no problem. “We have 1000 train derailments a year.”

You’ve seen the mayhem commercial. I see it as a metaphor for the Democrat’s America. There is a perspective in medicine called the “captain of the ship.” As a doctor, I was responsible for the actions of my staff just as a surgeon is responsible for the people in the operating room. I blame the progressive liberal Democrats, the DEI warriors and woke anarchists for the mayhem in our country. And I blame the crazies who vote for them.

You can’t fix something unless you have a diagnosis. I have the diagnosis. The cure is a return to faith in God and The Constitution. The NFL finally gets it after the Damar Hamlin collapse. The revival at Kentucky’s Asbury College is a good sign. So, I pray the crazies are driven to their knees and we can all be saved.