By John J. Duncan Jr.

President Biden showed his first days in office that he will be the president for wealthy liberal elitists and extremely big business rather than one who is for working men and women.

He showed that the persona he claims of being for the “little guy” is nothing but false campaign rhetoric.

He did this by signing executive orders caving in to environmental extremists and big pharmaceutical giants.

Environmental radicals almost always come from wealthy or very upper income families.  They are not hurt by environmental regulations that destroy jobs and drive-up prices.

One executive order Biden signed will shut down construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota said this will destroy 10,000 high paying blue-collar jobs.

Sen. Steve Daines of Montana said this showed that he was putting Saudi Arabia first and American workers last.

Ultimately, this and other re-regulation efforts by the Biden administration will drive gas prices back up.

Of course, environmentalists want higher gas prices so people will drive less and be forced into more use of mass transit.  Leftists, for some reason, have always loved the word “masses.”

Conservatives, on the other hand, think more in terms of the individual, that every life matters, and that everyone should get as many choices as possible.

President Biden promised no tax hike on middle- and lower-income people, but higher gas prices hurt working people more than any tax hike.

Very wealthy people pay very little in taxes, hiding most of their income in tax-free charitable foundations, often run by family members that benefit them in many ways.

President Biden also signed an order placing us back in the Paris Climate Agreement.  This costs us big money, hurts smaller businesses, and gives China, India, and other developing nations more time to comply.

Before long, many jobs that had started coming back under President Trump will once again be going to other countries.

Multi-national companies love this, and environmental leftists have always believed it was unfair for the U.S. with only a little over four percent of the world’s population, to be able to buy 22 or 23 percent of the world’s goods.

President Biden signed another order stopping President Trump’s order making insulin and epinephrine cheaper by requiring that discount savings be passed on to patients.

In addition, an elitist Democrat-appointed judge, Catherine Blake (Clinton appointee) handed down a nationwide injunction against Trump’s order lowering prices in Medicare by linking the costs of certain medicines to cheaper prices in other countries.

As one Republican said, “Big Pharma is smiling big right now.”  The pharmaceutical giants hated President Trump, because he was the first president who tried to lower outlandish drug prices.

The partnership of Big Government and Big Business (Crony Capitalism) will reign supreme under the Biden administration.