My revenge will be success and making America great again. President Trump

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

One of the painful truths about gardening is that you must prune if you want to produce. Perhaps my reluctance is because our South Knoxville soil is so bad that I’m happy when anything grows. In fact, all the plantings around our house required that I dig substantial holes removing the three types of clay that we have on our farm. We have red clay, yellow clay, and grayish-green clay which a naturalist, shaking his head, told me was devoid of life.

However, we have horses and manure, and when mixed with shavings turn poor dirt into fine loamy soil full of “worm-sign,” to borrow the phrase from the movie “Dune.”

Annie Dillard’s homage to nature’s wonders in “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” remains on my top ten book list. Dillard observed that “Nature is profligate.” People with hay fever understand this as springtime pollen assaults their eyes and noses. Even if you don’t have seasonal allergies, consider the dandelion which sends seeds floating on the breeze like miniature parachutes. In the dandelion’s struggle for life, myriads of seeds are released on the wind in the hope that one will find a niche.

I have a substantial garden and a small orchard and vineyard. It broke my heart, but I spent last week culling 100s of young peaches from the half dozen trees in my orchard. It is necessary to give the peaches room to develop and to focus the tree’s energy. The same culling is necessary with pears and grapes. And less spraying is necessary when overgrown limbs and foliage are removed.

My sister-in-law and husband had a ranch in Colorado where we were fortunate to enjoy in the winter to ski in nearby Telluride and in the summer to hike in the San Juan Mountains. I was amazed to see dead tree trunks scattered everywhere across forest floors and to learn that in the West wood takes decades to decompose. There is less humidity in the Rocky Mountains to support fungus and termites which decompose and eat wood.

We Tennesseans live in an area where humidity/moisture allows fungus/mold to thrive as well as termites. Consequently, dead trees rot relatively quickly in Tennessee forests. Additionally, I must spray to suppress fungus and insects if I want to control nature’s chaotic exuberance.

Sane Americans feel that the pro-Hamas, college radicals should be similarly culled. Isn’t it amazing that anti-Semitism is not considered racist like discrimination against people of color? If the Ku Klux Klan were rioting on campuses, liberal-progressive Democrats and leftists would be apoplectic. Are we to tolerate a “college caliphate” or a “collegiate Antifa?”

A friend sent me a trope that goes, “Tolerance leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to corruption and corruption leads to collapse.” I looked for the author, but couldn’t find a source and suspect it is a condensed version of a widely circulated email from some years ago. And it seems to have come true. The radicals have done nothing for their cause, have damaged their future careers and have blacklisted their schools.

So, how did we arrive at the chaos on college campuses? I came of age in the turbulent 1960s during the Watts’ riots in Los Angeles and the anti-Vietnam war protests on college campuses. I registered for the draft and once walked past a demonstration against the war on my way to class. The pre-med curriculum was demanding, so I couldn’t afford to march, camp out or occupy buildings. And after my sophomore year, I had to even quit the UT hockey team and go to the library to study. Apparently, “Keffiyeh Karen” was not similarly challenged by her studies. Perhaps she is majoring in Riot 101 as she demanded vegan food, water, sunscreen, inhalers and Plan B medications be delivered to her encamped radicals. I loved the news clip of “soy boy” brandishing a plastic garbage lid being knocked on his ass when he charged a policeman in Portland.

So why have some college administrators allowed this chaos to continue instead of expelling the radicals from school and arresting the professional agitators? The radicals in my time have become today’s professors who now teach the useful student idiots Cultural Marxism. Similarly, the elitist college administrators we observed during Congressional hearings on antisemitism are part of the problem. So, it’s no wonder that the pro-Hamas riots were allowed to continue. (If you need a refresher on the origin of the college chaos, search the Focus archives for my explanation, November 27, 2023, and learn how Marxism came to America.) And tragically, the Cultural Marxism of the education-industrial complex now extends to K-12.

America is in chaos and under a multi-pronged attack by liberal-progressive Democrats, leftist radicals and Biden’s handlers. Ol’ Joe is a useful figurehead and a dishonest crook. There’s an old saying about career politicians like Joe that goes, “He’s a crook, but he’s our crook.”

Greg Gutfeld had a wonderful monologue comparing the reasoned and practical “dad brain” with the childish “Internet brain” of idiot college radicals. The term “useful idiots“ is attributed to

Vladimir Lenin, but seems apropos today. I would not use the term idiot for George Soros who is funding the college chaos and numerous other anti-American attacks. I would use the terms malevolent and Machiavellian.

Biden and Democrats own the college chaos, the border disaster, Bidenomics, wars in Europe and the Middle East. The billions Biden and Obama gave Iran as bribes did nothing but fund terrorist groups and Hamas weaponry. But who knows, some of that Iranian money has been offered for pro-Hamas scholarships at American colleges. And I wonder if some of it will supplement professor’s salaries when enrollment and endowments tank.

As I said last week, our captain of the ship is a disaster. And his crew are busy perverting the legal system with Democrat lawfare against President Trump. Since Biden and Democrats cannot run on their destructive records, the only thing that fuels them is hatred of Trump and fear of justice. I can only pray that the American people will hold the destroyers accountable in November.