By Rosie Moore

What do these people have in common?  Miguel Ferrer, Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt,  Mike Conners, Barbara Hale, Bill Paxton, Chuck Berry, Don Rickles, Erin Moran, Roger Moore, Adam West, Martin Landau, Sam Shepherd, and most recently, Glen Campbell. This is a list of those who left us behind and died so far this year.

Forgive me for dwelling on such a somber subject but, as I’ve mentioned before, I happened to notice Sam Shepherd’s death on the news. I liked him so much, he was in one of my favorite movies, “Baby Boom.” Glen Campbell was a marvelous song writer and singer. Everyone on this list gave their all in making us laugh, sharing with us their interesting characters and roles they played in the movies and on television.

This subject is not one that most people like to think about, but, it confronts us wherever we look, in the newspapers, and the aforementioned, television and movies. We don’t want to think about when? Where? or Why? or How? But there comes a time when we have to face those questions–or, maybe not. Death sometimes is swift.

There are many unforeseen deaths that occur in our lives, such as a divorce, which can resemble a partial death, the death of a beloved pet, perhaps the loss of a job after many years. Everyone has a moment when they think they could die because of tragic happenings.

To most people the fear of death is caused by not knowing where one will go  when they die. Being a follower of Christ dissipates this fear by reading the Bible and following His teachings. Also, Christ himself took the sting out of death for all of us who believe in Him and the grave was not victorious.

Billy Graham once said death is not the end of life but the beginning of a new life. So, be happy! That’s something to look forward to.

Thought for the day: No God, no peace– know God, know peace.    Aesop

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