When you want to help people you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.

Thomas Sowell

These days, is anything real or as portrayed? Most have heard about the long-awaited Durham report which revealed that Hillary Clinton, the FBI leadership, along with social and mainstream media, colluded to promote the false narrative of Russian collusion hoax. Arguably, this was done to obscure Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for classified information and destruction of subpoenaed email and phone records. Hillary’s deep fake was a classic Democrat ruse of accusing others of what they, the Democrats, are already doing.

The deep state interference continued throughout the Trump Presidency, contributing to successive impeachments and damage to our country. Then intelligence agencies (FBI, CIA and “51 intelligence agents”) again colluded with Democrat party operatives, the mainstream and social media to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story and interfere with the 2020 Presidential election. It wasn’t Russians interfering with our elections; it was so-called Americans who duped the country and orchestrated the biggest political scandal in the nation’s history. It was an American “coup d’état,” and gave us an impaired and illegitimate POTUS.

My original question also pertains to every aspect of our culture and country. Our fake border has finally collapsed and the invasion by unvetted hordes of desperate illegal aliens is underway. The fake head of the DHS, Mayorkas, claims the border is secure, but our eyes tell us differently.

But can you even trust your eyes? “Deep fakes” are everywhere and can put someone’s face on a prostitute like Buck Naked, the porn name George Castanza on the TV show “Seinfeld” jokingly imagined for himself.

We hear a lot these days about AI (Artificial Intelligence) like ChatGPT which can generate college term papers. There are computer programs designed to search for plagiarism, such as committed by our titular president. I wonder if AI designers will be able to circumvent the plagiarism programs and aid Ole Joe and college students.

I recently discussed writing and AI with a friend whose wife writes poetry. I assured him the prose of my essays and novels are my own thoughts. I told him, “A machine without a soul cannot write poetry” (JVF) or a clever turn-of-phrase. Emily Dickinson captured this reality when she said, “If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold, no fire can warm it, I know that is poetry.” I know what she means. Although I have listened to the adagio from Rodrigo’s “Concerto de Aranjuez” 100 times, it still gives me the shivers.

We now live in the era of fake science, made so by filthy politics and the pursuit of research funding. I once respected the odious Tony Fauci. I once recommended the former NIH Director, Francis Collins’ book, “The Language of God,” but no more. I now wonder if Collins’ writing was fakery. These once reputable scientists were corrupted, their careers and life’s work tainted when they sold their souls for “thirty pieces of silver.” You better look out Joe; Congress is following the bank records of the $10,000,000 you garnered through influence peddling.

Some years ago, I found myself in an emergency room and learned a new word. As the doctor and I talked, his amanuensis (scribe) wrote down our conversation and the findings my doctor voiced as he examined me. Recently, I read reports about the use of AI to generate notes from the doctor-patient interview and exams. Apparently, AI reduces a doctor’s time to complete the medical record. What could possibly go wrong?

Fake women now seem to be the rage of woksters everywhere. Anheuser Busch tanked Bud Light with Dylan Mulvaney. Nike has Dylan advertising their sports bras. I wonder if the bras are made in America or sweatshops in the far east? I don’t use any Nike products, and have no need of a sports bra. However, since fake women seem to be taking over women’s sports and sorority houses, perhaps Nike has found a new market for their undergarments. To seal the deal, Ole Joe just has to go ahead and cancel Title IX with another Executive Order. Funny that no women try to compete as men.

I love the old Frank Capra movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Apparently, they had politicians in 1939 who were fakes, just as we do in the 21st century. Aesop once said, “We hang the petty thieves [George Santos?] and appoint the great ones to public office,” even the presidency.

Fact-checkers are also the rage these days. These so-called truth-sayers are ubiquitous in America. It is tragic that so many have been duped by dishonest, ideological charlatans who masquerade as people who verify the facts. All facts are contextual. In other words, you must know the whole story rather than trusting the soundbite. Truth is more than “facts” hawked by media shills.

I like words, and if I come across one, I don’t know I look the word up. Admittedly, very obscure terms don’t always advance understanding. However, sometimes a mot juste (a perfect word) catches my eye. Recently, I stumbled upon kakistocracy. The word derives from the Greek word Kakos meaning really bad and -cracy meaning a form of government. We now have a kakistocracy or government by the worst people. The DOJ has been weaponized. The FBI leadership is hopelessly corrupt. Joe Biden and Obama knew about Hillary Clinton’s plan to discredit Trump with the infamous “pee-pee” hoax (Steele dossier) and did nothing. The Border czar has never been to the border, nor can she speak coherently. I would not trust the Transportation Secretary to even take dictation. Nor do Congressman Eric Swalwell (the Chinese agent Fang-Fang’s paramour), the pitiable John Fetterman and Diane Feinstein or the deceitful Adam Schiff inspire any semblance of competency or virtue. And the citizens of Utah are undoubtedly suffering buyer’s remorse with Romney the RINO.

This essay is admittedly harsh, but we are at war and trying to save the country. Mincing words is not appropriate in political trench warfare.  Leftists, the leaders of the intelligence agencies and the Democrat party, as well as their media allies, deserve no civility, only justice. And only when this is done, can mercy be extended (Micah 6:8).