Delusional Thinking


When debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of losers.



By Dr. Jim Ferguson


Becky and I enjoy watching sports, but I focus on the sport that is “in season.” I’ll watch some of the National Hockey League playoffs because I played ice hockey into my sophomore year of college and the ridiculous fighting is virtually absent in the playoffs.

However, it’s really baseball season and this caused me to think of an old comedy routine by Abbott and Costello entitled “Who’s on First?” I’m sure most of you remember this classic shtick, but if not, search YouTube and enjoy real comedy without politics or F-bombs. But more importantly, I wonder who is in charge at the White House.

In medicine, as in virtually every other organization, the captain of the ship philosophy is operative. In other words, I was responsible for the actions of my office staff just as surgeons are responsible for their patients on the operating table. Presidents are lauded for accomplishments during their administration. Similarly, presidents are criticized for failures.

All presidents have advisors, but Biden’s obvious dementia raises the question of whether his advisors or Jill Biden is in charge. The 25th Amendment regarding President Trump’s fitness was politically bandied about by Democrats and their media stooges. However, the comparison between the vigorous President Trump and the cognitively impaired Biden is profound and obvious to rational people.

We have historical precedents for the Biden situation. President Woodrow Wilson suffered an incapacitating stroke in 1919 and his wife essentially ran the White House for a year and a half. Later, FDR’s serious health decline during WWII ultimately prompted the passage of the 25th Amendment in 1967, providing for the replacement of an impaired president. Actually, the only thing saving Biden is Kamala Harris.

The latest disaster on Biden’s watch is the antisemitic mobs in New York City, Ivy League campuses and across the country. This made me think of the Frank Sinatra classic, “New York, New York, a helluva town.” And it surely is, where more than 90% are Democrats and elect politicos like Alvin Bragg who waste millions prosecuting political adversaries while turning a blind eye to actual crime on the streets and subways. It’s no wonder Gotham Democrats advocate drugs, rats, sexualization of kids with drag queen story hour, trans surgery and puberty blocking medication.

Gotham’s choice (Biden) even attempted to “transition Easter” by promoting his “Trans Day of visibility.” And last week, Biden profanely made the sign of the cross at an abortion rally in Florida.

Last week I wrote about the $5 trillion in new taxes that Biden is already planning if reelected, as well as his plans to eliminate Trump’s tax cuts and promote a Wealth Tax on your 401(k), and even the equity in your house. Of course, Dark Brandon’s plans will destroy the economy, Stock Market and housing market. And if reelected, Brandon will most certainly declare a “climate emergency” to control all energy including electricity usage, charging your electric car or running your air conditioner. Think I’m crazy? Look what Biden and his leftist handlers did to the border, promoting foreign invasion!

Psychosis is defined by delusional thinking, best described as non-rational thought. In other words, it would be delusional to perceive cell phone towers as structures the FBI uses to broadcast radio waves and control our minds. The old movie, A Beautiful Mind is a depiction of how a delusional person might see the world. And yet we have people who believe they are something they are not and demand that we embrace their delusional thinking and pronouns.

Two recent medical studies caught my attention. The first was from the Netherlands where researchers found that the majority of young people with gender dysphoria (confusion over their sexuality) grow out of the confusion over time. And the second study from England found that hormone blocking drugs and gender reassignment surgery did not improve the health or well-being of kids with gender dysphoria. The findings were so dramatic that the National Health Service in England (no bastion of conservative thought) banned the drugs and the mutilating surgery. We now have credible data to say, “First, do no harm.”

There are always exceptions, and it may be an oversimplification of complex issues, but there have always been girly men and tomboy girls. As I watched my own children grow up and transition to adulthood, it was sometimes a bumpy road. But they finally figured it out. Kids often want to appear edgy, unique, even trendy.

The 19th century opera “La Boheme” (The Bohemians) was about young people disregarding conventional standards of behavior. While I might disagree with coloring your hair purple, hair will eventually grow out and revert to nature’s design. Puberty blocker drugs are lifelong with serious side effects. And you can’t restore body parts that have been lopped off. Liberals cry, “Follow the science.” Well, how about objective genotypic DNA analysis or phenotypic anatomy?

Admittedly, I am a reasoned, and non delusional-conservative man. And since my background is in science, I approach issues from an observable, measurable perspective. But, I’m also a theist and a Christian. Albert Einstein once said, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” I agree with the professor.

I believe the progressive Democrats and Biden are wreaking havoc in our country and around the world. The border is a disaster, the cost of everything has gone up, crime is everywhere, people won’t work and expect a handout, wars rage on Dark Brandon’s watch, antisemitism rages on college campuses and mental illness, as well as drugs, has led to homelessness.

It is obvious, Biden is not up to the task of leading the country. His presidency has been a disaster. Actually, the only things I know that are working well are my marriage, my new church, my family and my aging body – most of the time.

Remember these objective truths on November 5, 2024. It’s past time for a change.