Democrats Have Started To Panic


By John J. Duncan Jr.


In my Focus column of May 2, I said the GOP should not celebrate too early. I had heard former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and others say this was going to be a ‘wave” election and that Republicans might pick up 70 to 100 seats in the U.S. House.

I have seen, heard and read about elections that turned just in the last few days. Even though campaigns are longer than ever now, it is also really true that sometimes a week or two is a long time in politics.

I always believed in being pessimistic about elections, running scared and taking nothing for granted. But as I write this column just three weeks before the mid-term elections, even I have started to believe this is going to be a big Republican year.

Those who made the wildly-optimistic predictions a few months ago have toned them down, with most predicting Republican gains of 15 to 25 in the House, and one or two in the Senate which means the GOP would control Congress.

Now, the Democrats have started to panic. Bernie Sanders wrote a column published on October 10th saying it was “political malpractice” for Democratic consultants to tell their candidates they could cut “30-second abortion ads and coast to victory.”

Much of the surge for Republicans is being led by intelligent, good-looking, politically-incorrect women to whom the media gave no chance to win because they were conservative and anti-abortion. Many were ridiculed because they were labeled as Trump-supporting election deniers.

Christine Drazan was given no chance in Oregon because no Republican has been elected as governor there for four decades. It is one of the bluest states in the country.

When Ms. Drazan started her run, she was a complete unknown and has been vastly underfunded, yet the most recent polls show the race tied. President Biden was sent out to campaign for the Democrat nominee to help bring out more of the party base.

In Michigan, a beautiful, successful businesswoman named Tudor Dixon was given no chance in Michigan against the media’s candidate, the incumbent Governor Christine (Gretchen) Whitmer. Now that race is tied in what has become a typical high-tax Democrat state that Republicans have been fleeing.

In Washington state, Tiffany Smiley began running for the U.S. Senate after her husband lost his eyesight due to a suicide bomber in Iraq. Now, unknown and underfunded, she is neck and neck with long-time Democrat Sen. Patty Murray.

The most interesting Republican candidate is Kari Lake running for governor in Arizona. The Drudge Report a few days ago had a lead article about the Democratic panic over her race.

The Democrat candidate there is Katie Hobbs, the lieutenant governor. Ms. Hobbs has refused to debate Ms. Lake, saying Lake is an election denier. (NOTE: the internet says Arizona has no lieutenant governor, and Ms. Hobbs is in fact the secretary of state.)

Lake grew up in a poor family with nine children in rural Iowa. She worked her way through the University of Iowa as a janitor at a drug treatment center. She spent 27 years as a newscaster on a Phoenix television station but has repeatedly told other reporters in news conferences that they should be ashamed of their extreme bias and dishonest, unfair reporting.

Lake started with no money and a staff of just her husband and one college student – no pollsters, no political consultants. She caught on and is now ahead because she had the courage to proudly stand for every politically incorrect position there is. You should look at the Kari Lake story on YouTube.

All over the country, Republican candidates for governor and for Congress have been coming from behind or increasing their leads.

People are fed up with inflation, high gas prices, rampant crime, out-of-control immigration, liberal bias in schools, colleges, and the media, high taxes, and government shutdowns and mandates.

It probably won’t be anywhere near a 70-seat pickup for the Republicans, but it will be a bad night for the Democrats. Their party has nominated far too many left-wing extremists.