Democrats Used Covid, Ukraine, Trump To Avoid Big Losses

By John J. Duncan Jr.

Moody’s Analytics, a well-respected, non-partisan business research firm, said a few days ago that inflation was now costing the average American family an extra $395 a month more than the same time last year.

A few months before last year’s mid-term elections, the Democrats were near panic. All the polls showed they were headed for big losses.

People were upset about inflation, high gas prices, crime, millions flooding in at the border, and the $85 billion pullout from Afghanistan.

They had to give Democrat incumbents and candidates other things to talk about in their campaigns. They knew their base would turn out in anger at the Supreme Court’s abortion decision, but they knew this was not enough. Even Bernie Sanders called it “political malpractice” to rely totally on that issue.

So they latched on to three major themes: Covid, Ukraine, and racism.

Jane Fonda called Covid a “gift to the left”. Trump had things going so well that they used Covid to shut down as much of the economy as possible.

Two of the Democrats’ major support groups are public school teachers and federal and state employees. Covid was used to allow millions of these people to stay at home doing nothing or “work from home”.

Country club memberships soared to record highs, and, more important politically, it freed up many thousands to work in Democrat campaigns.

We now know that there was essentially no risk from Covid to those under 21 and very little risk to those under 65. It did harm many children to miss so much school.

But the Democrats politicized it right from the start, and their major support group – the national media – blew it way out of proportion and scared everybody.

The CDC said at one point that 94% of the so-called Covid deaths were with co-morbidities like heart failure, strokes, pneumonia, diabetes, etc. that could have been (and probably were) the main cause of death.

But the Democrats used Covid as an excuse to send trillions of dollars in checks out to everyone – individuals, companies, local governments ($350 billion), airlines ($50 billion), and on and on.

Democrats love to send checks to people and seem to have no qualms about spending money we do not have.

Thus, money was printed at 3½ times the normal rate, creating all this inflation, so now people are paying for those checks in the form of higher prices for everything.

They latched on to Ukraine…because they knew almost everyone felt sympathy for poor people being bombed by the evil Putin.

They ignored the fact that the Ukrainian government, just before the war started, was rated as one of the most corrupt in the world.

So now we have sent them $113 billion, and their leader keeps demanding more, more, more.

Have you ever stopped to think how much $113 billion is? It is 113,000 million. And the U.N. Secretary General said a few days ago that an end is nowhere in sight on that war.

President Biden says he is going to keep sending money there no matter what it costs. Most countries in the world sent no money, and the few which did are now cutting back. But here in the U.S., we love to spend money we do not have.

The liberal Jeffrey Toobin wrote in USA Today that while he disagreed with Trump on everything else that Trump was right on Ukraine. Trump had made it clear that he did not want to expand NATO to the Ukraine-Russian border, which was the main thing that caused Putin to attack in the first place.

Finally, Democrats usually will not debate on the merits – or lack thereof – on any issue. They always resort to childish sarcasm or scurrilous name calling.

Thus, their drumbeat over the last few years has been Trump, Trump, Trump, and that everyone who supported him was (is) a white supremacist racist.

This is totally, completely false, but most of the national media does not care about truth. Think how they would have treated one of Trump’s sons if everything had come out on him that has finally come out on Hunter Biden.

Liberal elitists already have a very high opinion of themselves. Now they can pretend they have saved people from Covid (with masks that did no good and vaccines that didn’t work) and are saving Ukraine from Russia and saving America from Trump.