By John J. Duncan Jr.

I would like for someone to explain to me why every Democrat in the Tennessee House and Senate voted against a bill designed to keep children from being taken to a drag show.

Why in the world do these Democrat leaders want small children to be exposed to sexually-suggestive shows with men dressed like women and vice-versa? The votes were 76 to 23, and 74 to 19 in the state House and 26 to 6 in the state Senate in favor of a bill to put very minor restrictions or limitations on these shows.

The bill did not ban these shows entirely. It was simply a good faith effort to stop the sexualization of small children.

Senator Becky Massey, who is one of my sisters, said: “We don’t want to have the door open so that (minors) can go see advertent nudity and sexual acts or the depiction of sexual acts…That’s not what Tennessee is about.”

The bill that all Republicans voted for and all Democrats voted against will prohibit drag shows on public property or in places where minors were present.

Last year the Republicans in the Florida Legislature passed the Parental Rights in Education bill. It barred classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation from kindergarten through third grade.

This bill was falsely labeled as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill although the word “gay” is not even mentioned.

Once again, as in Tennessee, all the Democrats in the Florida Legislature voted against the bill. They apparently favored government sex education as early as kindergarten.

Most liberals believe that government knows more about what children need than their own parents do. Do they really believe that government bureaucrats love children more than their parents do?

Most Republicans believe that we are making children grow up too fast anyway and that we should let children be children for as long as possible.

With Democrats today everything is about sex and race. It was both sexist and racist for candidate Joe Biden to say he would consider only “women of color” as his running mate.

It was both sexist and racist for President Biden to say he would consider only a black woman for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Karine Jean-Pierre, President Biden’s Press Secretary, is obviously out of her league in handling that very important job. Yet she was hired by this administration in large part because she is what the Pink News, a LGBTQ publication, called “a proud black lesbian immigrant.”

There are several Jewish Democrats in Congress today, but fewer and fewer Democrats who are white, male, and Protestant. It clearly helps in a Democrat primary now if you are a woman, and especially a woman who is black, brown, gay, lesbian, trans-gender, bi-sexual, binary, and so forth.

Unfortunately, if you want to see where we may be headed, look to Canada. There you now run a risk of being prosecuted under Canadian “human rights” laws if you speak out in favor of traditional Christian values.

Derek Reimer, a Calgary minister, was even arrested for protesting a drag queen story hour for little children at a public library.

Look up on your computer or iPad the case of the Canadian high school teacher who started wearing gigantic breasts to school after he started “identifying” as female.

The school board there stood behind him at first because of his “trans-gender rights” and one education official said trans people were hurt by being “under represented”.

But employment lawyer, Sunira Chaudhri disagreed, saying it seems sexist to me, because of the exaggerated nature of these breasts with nipples protruding. I think a lot of young women at the school wouldn’t just feel uncomfortable, they’d feel mocked.

In 1994, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a very liberal Democrat at that time, said for many years “we have been defining deviancy down, accepting as a part of life what we once found repugnant.” That is more true today than when he said it.

I don’t understand why we never heard anything about drag shows, but now they are popping up all over the country. I wish we could get back to a day when everyone kept their sex lives private and where transgender people were not made out to be heroes.