By Dr. Jim Ferguson

One of my axioms is, “I don’t find stories/essays; they find me.”

“The Doctor is in…” is an opinion column, but recently a self-avowed atheist took umbrage at my religion, my opinions and my observations. Public speaking and writing take courage because there will always be “nattering nabobs of negativity” who disagree with you. But this was more than just disagreement. His diatribe against God and my opinions reminded me of the chat room at the News Sentinel where I was once a columnist. I don’t use Twitter or frequent chat rooms, but the email rant caused me to reflect on social media bullies, who also roam college campuses and shutdown opinions which conflict with their socialist-progressive indoctrination, mislabeled as education.

In the age of fake news, photoshopping and internet “research,” I’ve become somewhat skeptical of most things I see and read. I wasn’t at Pericles’ Funeral Oration nor did I hear The Gettysburg Address. Did those speeches come down to us as uttered? If CNN or The Washington Post was the source, I’d probably discount the rendition.

Is it more important what someone said or what you heard? In other words, is “My Story” more relevant than facts? This conundrum was played out in the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings, and we all have perceptual biases.

You may not realize it, but we live in the postmodern era which began at the end of World War II. Perhaps working from Einstein’s principle of relativity, a foundational principle of our postmodern era is that everyone has a unique position in the universe and a unique perspective on reality.

Disagreeing with someone’s perspective is fine, but to shout them down or deny them the right to have their own opinion is, in my opinion, anti-American and unjust.

You might find it hard to believe, but I once voted for Democrats. Unfortunately, the Democrat moniker is now only of historical interest, because aside from septuagenarians like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, there aren’t any Democrats left – and I’m not sure about Pelosi and Biden. There certainly aren’t any John Kennedys or Zell Millers left. Though they march under the traditional banner, the radicals who make up the modern Democrat party bear little resemblance to the Democrats of bygone eras.

Though it seems to change every day, there are currently more than fifteen “Democrats” who are declared as running for President. This includes Bernie Sanders who marches as a Democrat, but is a self-avowed socialist.

I’ve been following the Democrat candidates and their platforms. The following is a partial list of these alt-left wannabes who seemingly want to punish America for daring to elect the outsider Trump. They espouse: Medicare for all, even for people who have never paid into the system as I have for more than four decades; eliminating the electoral college which will result in the most populous states, California, New York, Texas and Florida, electing all future presidents; lowering the voting age to sixteen, though science has shown that the human brain does not mature until it is twenty-five years old; paying reparations to the descendants of former slaves; abortion at any stage of pregnancy including after birth; elimination of national borders and ICE; voting rights for noncitizens; social security for illegal aliens; retrofitting all buildings in America, eliminating fossil fuels, airplanes and flatulating cows with the New Green Deal; a universal income of $1000 per month for everyone whether they work or not; banning circumcision; packing the Supreme Court rather than amending the constitution; and continuing the soft coup d’état to overturn the 2016 election by impeaching President Trump because he opposes the Washington “mob.” I could go on, but the above demonstrates the lunacy that has over taken the Democrat party.

Nancy Pelosi is no longer in control of her House caucus. AOC and the anti-Semites Omar and Tlalib are the new faces of the Democrats, driving Pelosi to see “How [left] she will go.” The new alt-left Democrats (example Stephen Cohen of Memphis) apparently don’t know the history of the 1786 Constitutional Convention’s The Great Compromise or they choose to bastardize the truth for race baiting headlines. All the while, the chairwoman of the Democrat party of Tennessee calls our state racist. The Democrats’ loss of power and their hatred of Trump has led to derangement.

Late in life, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams became friends after being bitter political enemies with the election of 1800. They both died on July 4, 1826, fifty years after the Declaration of Independence. Adams last words were, “Jefferson lives,” though Adams did not know Jefferson had preceded him a few hours earlier.

I am thankful that Trump still lives, and that he is upsetting the Washington mob bosses and opposing the lunacy that has overtaken half of our country. Trump’s Wall is being built. And like the Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall and the wall around the Vatican, Trump’s wall is necessary. I am a proponent of legal immigration, but the illegal invasion must be stopped.

History proves that lowering taxes and smaller government always work. Our booming economy is a modern example. The stock market is up even without Obama’s quantitative easing, interest rates remain low, unemployment is at record lows, use of food stamps is down, good jobs are being created, our military has been revitalized and America is again respected in the world. NATO countries are paying their dues, negotiations with China and North Korea continue, industries are returning to America and for the first time in 70 years we have energy independence.

Yet there is work to be done. Trump seems tireless, but he needs help. It’s time for citizens to stand up for America and Americanism. We must oppose the Trump derangement syndrome and “treat” those poor souls who have been co-opted by hatred and lost their way.

The utopian social contract espoused by Democrats was first proposed by Jean Jacque Rousseau in the 18th century. It doesn’t work. You cannot build a utopian society by educating and feeding the masses. Actually, Sir Thomas Moore concocted the word utopia in his 17th century allegory Leviathan. Utopia means “no place.”