“The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”

George Orwell

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

After Obama was elected President in 2008, Rush Limbaugh was asked to write a 400-word essay regarding the new administration. Assertively, Rush told the “major American print publication” he only needed four words regarding Obama’s policies, “I hope he fails.” I’m beginning to think the same of the Biden-group.

Since January 20, 2021 the Biden-group has enacted three dozen executive orders. As Obama once quipped that he didn’t need legislation because he has “a phone and a pen,” I guess Ole Joe learned from his master.

As I pumped gas last week, I considered thanking Susan Rice, or the cabal who is actually running the Biden Administration. Perhaps it’s Obama, as Biden said his administration is Obama’s third term. But, since Ole Joe’s name is on the door of the Oval Office, I’ll thank him for the $.30 per gallon gas increase (data from gasbuddy.com).

It is said that you never appreciate the complexity of issues before you enter the Presidency. Joe’s group, and I hope Ole Joe, are receiving wakeup calls from continued riots in Portland, Seattle, Tacoma and elsewhere, as well as the continuing daily slaughter in Chicago. Don’t these miscreants know that Joe is their bro? Interestingly, the Administration’s new press secretary said she has not discussed the riots with her boss.

I hope the anger from the executive order halting the Keystone Pipeline, costing 11,000 jobs (8,000 union jobs) and canceling $1.6 billion in annual salaries is reverberating through the White House. Wait till the rubes in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, etc. see what the Biden group’s anti-oil policy does to their economy.

I’m not a big sports fan, but I liked it when Tennessee used to win. And I recognize that a successful sport’s program at UT is good for our community. A female reader and self-described sport’s animal recently asked me what I thought about the Biden group’s transexual policies and Title IX. You recall the 1972 federal civil rights legislation which is “best known for its impact on high school and collegiate athletics.” One of the results was increasing support of women’s sports programs like the Lady Vols.

We have a unisex bathroom in our home, but we don’t shower with guests. And I fear for my granddaughters if men who “identify” themselves as women are allowed in community showers and bathrooms as a result of LGBTQ activism.

Science differentiates between one’s genotype or phenotype. The genetic identifier (genotype) of man is XY and a female’s is XX. The phenotype is one’s outward appearance. At the risk of offending some snowflakes, we’ve all known “girly” men and “butchy” gals. There are people who fall outside the “normal” bell shaped curve of human persona. However, it isn’t fair for a phenotypically muscular guy to compete against a woman with a different physical build. After all, for the last fifty years genetic testing is required in Olympic competition to prevent unfair competition.

As I write this essay the feckless US Congress is impeaching a private citizen. I’m a doctor and I recognize the vindictive hatred of Washington Democrats as pathological. There is nothing in the Constitution about impeaching someone no longer in office. Chief Justice John Rogers is no fan of President Trump, and yet he refuses to preside over this unconstitutional, political farce.

The notion that Trump called for riots at the Capitol or for wackos to enter the Capitol building is ridiculous and just not true. In his speech, President Trump said, “Peacefully march down to the Capitol,” not storm it. Since Deuteronomy of the Old Testament, we do not hold someone responsible for someone else’s actions. The “cancel culture” apparently doesn’t understand that dissent is necessary in a free society and that “one truth” is dangerous.

In 1658 Oliver Cromwell died and Charles II was restored as King of England. Apparently, that didn’t slake the thirst of the haters because three years later Cromwell’s body was exhumed and then “executed.” His head was cut off and put on a spike for public display.

I see little difference between seventeenth century English hatred and Washington Democrats who proceed with impeachment of the politically “deceased” President Trump. The country is in a mess. Renewed illegal caravans threaten the border, Covid and lockdowns continue, vaccination problems abound, ruinous deficits mount, censorship is rampant, climate change idiocy is ballyhooed, Chinese hegemony is unchecked and Congress “fiddles as [America] burns.”

All the while “science experts “like Tony Fauci repeatedly change their minds (lie?) about travel restrictions, herd immunity and masks. I refuse to wrap myself in Saran wrap or double mask, as now recommended by the Federal government’s highest paid employee. His salary 417k has not been docked by his damaging Covid lockdowns proclamations.

I’m sure you’ve noticed there are new writers at The Focus and a renewed zeal to counter the slavish, politically correct, woke, group think of media types like Chris Wallace of Fox News or the local Knoxville fish wrapper. I once watched Fox for perspectives contrary to what I saw on CNN or read in the NY Times, but not anymore. Fox was a “center-right” network under (now deceased) Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. Unfortunately, Murdoch turned over management of the network to his uber leftist sons. The cable leader for two decades forgot news reporting and their base, hiring Democrat talking heads. As a result, they now “lead from behind” and have lost untold millions of dollars. The Focus will not make that mistake.

As a law-abiding conservative citizen, I don’t march, riot, resort to violence or demand dissenters be silenced. Nor will I shut up and sit in the back of the bus in this new age of McCarthyism.

However, my days and this column may be numbered. Who knows? After all, Mitt Romney demands that everyone must acknowledge that Joe Biden legally won the 2020 election. I disagree.