Do you trust the federal government?

By Dr. Harold A. Black

More and more Americans do not trust the federal government. Since 1960, trust has fallen from an amazing 70 percent to 24 percent in 2022. The decline started with Watergate, accelerated with the misinformation from the CDC and Dr. Fauci during Covid, the DOJ, IRS and FBI targeting conservatives along with the FDIC and “Justice” Department trying to get banks to cancel the accounts of gun owners and debt collectors. The serial lying coming from this president has lessened trust even more. Trust varies. Twenty-nine percent of the Democrats mostly trust the government. Only 9 percent of the Republicans are in this category. Interestingly, trust amongst minorities is significantly higher than that for whites, Blacks must be suffering from acute memory loss. The progressive Woodrow Wilson was a blatant racist and imposed segregation on the civil service, the military and brought Jim Crow into the federal government. Franklin Roosevelt would not allow blacks to enter the White House through the front door. During his terms, the White House was indeed “the white house.” He invited only white athletes to ceremonies celebrating their accomplishments at the Berlin Olympics. It was Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican, who finally gave Jesse Owens his overdue recognition. Roosevelt’s Federal Housing Administration invented redlining by denying loan guarantees in minority neighborhoods and was the reason my father literally hated that president. Roosevelt’s administration was also responsible for the infamous “Tuskegee Experiment” in which the nation’s Public Health “Service” conducted a study of syphilis on 600 black men. The men were promised free health care. No treatment was ever given. Although started in 1932, the study was only stopped in 1972 when it was leaked to the press.

Lyndon Johnson opposed civil rights legislation when he was in the Senate and Al Gore’s father voted against it. Johnson frequently used the N-word and was quoted aa saying about his signing of the Civil Rights bill, “I’ll have them [racial epithet] voting Democrat for 200 years.” He was right. But the signing of the bill derailed black economic progress and destroyed the black family – leading to an array of dire social consequences. When he appointed Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court, one of Johnson’s biographers quoted him as saying “when I appoint a [deleted] to the bench, I want everybody to know he’s a [deleted].” J. Edgar Hoover headed the FBI for nearly 50 years and his FBI targeted blacks and branded the civil rights movement as communist. It was said that he kept his job by blackmailing presidents – having gathered unsavory information on each. He hated Martin Luther King Jr. He tapped King’s telephone calls and some think was complicit in King’s assassination. He also is thought to be involved in the killing of Bobby Kennedy and the assassination of JFK in order to get Lyndon Johnson the presidency. Jimmy Carter even with a Democrat congress failed to pass the MLK, Jr holiday bill. Ronald Reagan signed the bill.

I’ve written before about Biden’s racist history (see my Knoxville Focus article of November 10, 2021). Again, the media and prominent blacks give Biden a pass. If he were a Republican, he would have been run out of the Senate (re: Trent Lott). Remember “Latinx” people don’t want to get vaccinated because they’re worried, they’ll be deported.”? Or how about when talking about his vaccine mandates, he said, “They (blacks) are used to being experimented on—the Tuskegee Airmen and others” – apparently confusing the black World War II pilots with the infamous experiment. Maybe this “trust” is why you see most people who are still wearing masks are black.

Blacks somehow have glossed over all this and more. I could write volumes on government racism throughout American history up to the present day, Yet blacks still trust the federal government and vote Democrat even though that party from the Civil War to the present has actively stifled black progress. Go figure.