By John J Duncan Jr.

As almost all readers of The Focus know, I grew up in a political family.
I went to the Knoxville airport for a rally for the Nixon-Lodge ticket a week before the 1960 Presidential election and followed that campaign closely.
In 1963, when I was 16, I worked in my father’s last race for mayor and also started following the campaign for the 1964 election for president.
In July of ’64, I rode a train for 77 hours and got to be an Honorary Assistant Sergeant at Arms at the Republican Convention in San Francisco.
I guess you can’t get any lower than being an honorary assistant, but it got me into the convention and I was really excited.
I tell you all this to say that in 60 years of following politics and campaigns all over the country, I have never seen or heard of anything even close to all the hatred there is for President Trump.
Two national networks – CNN and MSNBC – are on 24 hours a day with attack, attack, attack against the president.
The three so-called mainstream networks, while not on fulltime attacking Trump, they certainly are using their news and morning programs to blast the President in almost every way.
I didn’t vote for President Clinton or President Obama, but I didn’t hate either one of them and they were nice to me.
This bitterness and meanness really started shortly after the 2016 election when left-wing billionaire George Soros financed a hate group called Indivisible.
This group and its local affiliates were so extreme and so hateful that Republican members of Congress started having to get police escorts to get out of town hall meetings.
Conservative speakers were threatened with violence if they tried to speak on college campuses and conservative students had their meetings disrupted, recruiting tables overturned, and members harassed or even slugged or spit on.
Conservative students were not doing similar hateful things to liberal or left-wing speakers or student groups.
When President Trump came down with COVID, a former Hilary Clinton spokeswoman and former Obama staffer, Zara Rahim, at 1:42 a.m. on October 2 wrote in a now deleted tweet, “I hope he dies.”
Comedian Chris Rock said on Saturday Night Live when Trump was in the hospital, “My heart goes out to COVID.”
Liberals have for years charged that the right was dominated by hate groups that never amounted to even one percent of American conservatives.
But there is almost no enthusiasm for Joe Biden even among the staunchest Democrats.  They seem to realize that he probably has some form of early dementia.
Democrats and other Biden supporters today seem to be obsessed with and motivated almost entirely by hatred for President Trump.
Those who are filled with such hatred need to seek serious psychiatric treatment or, if they believe in God, seek his forgiveness.
I hope that hate does not win this election and that this nation will continue on a path toward peace, freedom and prosperity.