‘He hath made every thing beautiful in his time . . .’

By Ralphine Major

The image reminds me of one that could have been in a children’s Sunday School class during the sixties.  Colorful, poster-size pictures were often shown to us to illustrate a memory verse from the Bible.  The above scripture from the Old Testament is such a verse.  These bright red tulips against a white flowering tree is such a picture.  It is another in the incredible collection from our home-town meteorologist from afar, Bryce Williams.  Bryce is with the National Weather Service in Boston, Massachusetts.  In his travels, Bryce has captured breath-taklng landscapes and sunsets, beautiful beaches, and spectacular snow-capped mountains.  His photography often includes a single leaf or an entire field of flowers.  Early in the season, Bryce spent hours “looking for spring.”  This photo capturing the beauty he found at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park in Boston is his favorite.

While this seems the perfect picture to pair with Ecclesiastes 3:11, the verse has deeper meaning about life.  But just for a moment, I will reflect on this simple picture with flowers and trees and know that it correlates closely with the newness of life a Christian finds upon accepting Christ.  As the carefree scenes of summer replace the beauty of spring, enjoy the many gifts from our Heavenly Father each day!