By John J. Duncan Jr.

James V. DeLong was magna cum laude graduate of the Harvard Law School and, while now retired, had a very distinguished legal career in Washington.

He wrote a recent article for the American Thinker called “The Honor of the Legal Profession.”  I wish every lawyer would read it.

He wrote that “anyone who reads the complaint filed by Texas (and rejected by the Supreme Court) must concluded that there are serious reasons to believe that this election was characterized by massive fraud in certain swing states and that this fraud was prepared and executed by partisan party operatives who used litigation to erode mechanisms of ballot security and control of the counting to consummate the win.”

He added that he felt the evidence was “overwhelming” and that “it needs to be investigated.”

Mr. DeLong also wrote that “a legal establishment dedicated to upholding process values would regard itself as honor-bound to demand an investigation of these charges.  If true, something must be done.  If false, their proponents need to be convinced, and even more so, the huge number of neutrals who don’t know what to think.”

He added that “social peace demands” that Trump supporters “believe they lost only after fair, competent inquiry.  This is not the reaction of (today’s) legal establishment, which is demanding not just that the charges not be investigated, but that any lawyer who represents the President be damned.”

It is interesting that the same lawyers who are demanding action against lawyers for the president never did so against lawyers for Timothy McVeigh or against those who have represented some of the most heinous criminals in this country’s history.

Supporters of Joe Biden have taken great pleasure in constantly bringing up the number of courts that have dismissed the cases brought by lawyers for the President.

And the national media has had a field day claiming that there is no evidence to back up the president’s claims.

Actually, there is more evidence of fraud in this election than has ever been produced in regard to any election.

However, no judge, including a seven-member majority on the Supreme Court, has had the moral courage to allow the cases to be heard on the merits.

All the cases have been dismissed on technical grounds by judges who lacked the courage to face all the controversy and the condemnation of the national media, the liberal establishment, and the rulers of the deep state.

The Biden team fought so hard to win these cases on technical grounds because I think they knew down deep that there was so much fraud and so many illegal votes that Joe Biden did not win this election if only legal votes had been counted.

As Mr. DeLong wrote: “Millions of people believe, with good reason, that this election was stolen in the swing states.”

However, as I wrote in my Focus column of Nov. 16, “because everyone knows the rioters and looters would come out by the thousands if Biden is not sworn in, I really doubt anything will be done.”