By Rosie Moore

I’m sure most of us have had an “oh” day. What is it? It’s something that you can’t comprehend but you’re glad it happened. An “oh” moment can happen when you see a newborn baby in it mother’s arms. Or when something marvelous happens and your mouth creates an “O”–from surprise, or from an act that you can’t comprehend but yet it fills you with awe and mystery. Such as viewing from the top of a mountaintop the rolling hills below. The love between two people can cause an “oh”, whether it be between two lovers, or two older people, or between two youngsters.

Your mouth can make an “oh” if you see a beautiful plant, or the waves splashing on the shore of a beach. Even seeing a beautifully made car, or house, or a painting hanging on a wall can cause an “oh” There are also little “ohs” that happen in everyday life. A luscious cake made for someone’s birthday, a beautiful afghan knitted for a loved one, even relaxing after cleaning your house, can produce an big “oh.”

Most “ohs” cause happiness, but, there are some that don’t make us feel too good. Get rid of those “ohs” as soon as possible. The good news is that you can always regain your “oh” if you find yourself bogged down in a particular rut. Look for the “oh” walking through your day while looking at “ordinary” places and people with new eyes What makes you say “oh?”

I experienced a huge “oh” on Mother’s Day at my church when I was blessed with the “Mother of the Year” award. It was totally unexpected but much appreciated. Those “ohs” are blessings from God. Collect them and bring them out on that day when you’re feeling a little blue and need to be uplifted. You’ll be so glad you did.

Thought for the day: It’s not the honors and not the titles that is of ultimate importance. Its what resides inside. Fred Rogers

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