By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Apparently, Tennessee’s Senator Bob Corker would prefer President Trump insult Putin in front of the whole world at a press conference rather than exercising civility. You realize no president has ever insulted another leader publicly face to face. The leader of the Russian Federation is a small man, but is a former KGB officer and controls a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons. It would be abject stupidity to poke the Russian Bear in a public forum.

Actually, press conferences are largely a joke. Before news became politicize they may have served a purpose. Now, they just promote posturing and produce little except sound bites or outrage if Trump is involved. Corker and the wizards-of-smart know this. However, the deep state, the ruling class, Democrats and the media are so invested in destroying Trump (the hated man who beat them) they’ve become deranged.

None of these wizards are privy to the hours of meetings between Trump and Putin. Now, looney Democrats are trolling for the translator of the private discussions between Trump and Putin. And you’d expect hyperbole from John Brennan, the disgraced deep state former intelligence officer, and similar Trump haters in Washington and the media. One would think our erstwhile Senator might have more restraint, but just like the rest, he’s lost his way in the swamp of Washington. I’m just glad he’s leaving.

So, it has finally happened. I’ve quit listening to what is advertised as news in papers and on TV. The final straw was the hysteria that erupted in Washington and from the media after the Helsinki press conference. Everything is now an image, the equivalent of an airbrushed Hollywood starlet’s facade. I will no longer participate in the ruse that there was collusion between the Russians and Trump. Putin and the Russians are our enemy, but countering their efforts while outwardly getting along with them is better than nuclear war. And does anyone in their right mind think that the Russians haven’t been sowing disinformation and meddling in our democracy for the last 50 years? Our own CIA and intelligence agencies are not choir boys. They have a long track record of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. Obama did it openly in the last Israeli election.

I’ve begun to think that the daily crisis we now endure is actually just engineered by the media and Democrats. These paragons of virtue object to the man who defeated Hillary, who is an outsider, who wasn’t groomed in Ivy League schools and is not genteel, but direct. When you stop and think about it, Putin is reaping a great return on his meager investment of meddling. Putin should thank the American left (the media, Democrats and Progressives) because they are the ones who sustain the Russian meddling facade. The left’s real goal is to destroy the upstart Trump who threatens their world order and their position. The Trump derangement syndrome is a codified medical diagnosis and is on display everyday.

Previously, I’ve written about a fifth column, a phrase which originated during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. I won’t repeat the explanation, but if your memory is fuzzy review the concept on Wikipedia. Instead of the left’s so-called “resistance,” they are actually a subversive fifth column operating today as multiple columns in the deep state.

The left’s attack on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is relentless. We hear much these days about “having a conversation” as if two opposing parties might engage in a Hegelian dialectic. The word conversation has become a euphemism, another facade of reality. A classic example was the recent invitation of Judge Jeannine Pirro to appear on The View, ostensibly to discuss Pirro’s new book. She was attacked by Whoopi Goldberg who violently cursed Pirro for having non Democrat-Progressive views. This intolerance and violation of the First Amendment is also occurring on college campuses, in restaurants, in movies and at private residences.

I’ve noticed that “conversations” about the now infamous Helsinki press conference are always prefaced by statements acknowledging that all agree with the notion of Russian meddling. Perhaps I too am becoming influenced by the same group-think. I have no direct knowledge of Russian efforts to sow seeds of discord among us. Their history of doing so and Putin’s sordid past do more to convince me of their efforts than the reports of our problematic intelligence agencies. Actually, I believe that most FBI and CIA officers are solid American patriots. However, my trust in government and especially the leadership of the FBI, CIA, NSA, as well as the Justice Department and the State Department, is lower than anytime in my memory. Where are you, Jeff Sessions?

Despite the “no longer” civil war that rages around me, I am the happiest I’ve been in my life. Perhaps it’s because I’m no longer conflicted over what’s right. This doesn’t mean I reject differing opinions. I listen, sift and debate with those who are rational and can present their arguments without resorting to expletives and ad hominem (personal) attacks. And though it is painful to watch the left’s attempts to destroy the results of the people’s will (Trump’s election), they will not prevail.

I am a fan of the Star Wars saga. The Princess Leia character was not notable, but uttered one worthy and germaine line. When confronted by the evil Commander of the Death Star who demanded surrender of the rebel alliance, Leia said, “The tighter you squeeze the more star systems will slip through your grasp.” Of course she was speaking metaphorically regarding man’s resistance to tyranny. And it is true now. The deranged Whoopi Goldbergs of the left, the lost souls of the media and the deep state operatives who espouse the euphemistic ersatz of  “resistance,” will not prevail.