By Ralphine Major

Summer days seem to have disappeared so quickly, I scarcely saw Fall’s arrival! But once again, Fall is here with all of her beauty and busy days. Fall paints our landscapes with bluer skies and fluffier clouds, colorful leaves, and huge harvest moons. Fall brings those wonderful aromas of hot apple cider and caramel corn. Fall brings the cool, crisp mornings that give way to the warmth of sunny afternoons. Indeed, Fall is here!

Fall’s calendar is chock-full of church festivals, school festivals, and neighborhood and community festivals. There should be no shortage of hand-made crafts, mouth-watering food, toe-tapping music, and so much more! Unbelievably, high school and college football schedules have reached or even passed midpoint. It is October, which means the Crimson Tide will be rolling into Big Orange Country soon.  Already, I have seen displays with scarecrows, pumpkins, and shocks of corn decorating lawns and providing backdrops for hayrides, campfires, and priceless family photos. Another great event Fall brings is the ever-popular corn maze—a great family activity that is sure to make lots of memories.

Fall is here. Enjoy all the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells of Fall before she, too, will be gone.