By Ralphine Major

They are considered among our most prized possessions.  Whether in formal settings or candid snapshots, family photos are treasures that are to be enjoyed again and again.  They are reminders of special times in our lives and places we have been along life’s journey.

The McGinnis family photo in this column shows a family gathered to celebrate a milestone in life—Perry’s retirement.  Taken at the Retirement Ceremony at the Annual Session of the Mississippi Dental Association at Sandestin, Florida, June 2001, it includes the family of Carol and Perry McGinnis who attended and supported their Mom and Dad.  “Although this is an outdated photo since the grandkids are now older, it remains my favorite family picture,” Perry told me several years ago when I first began telling his story.  On the left are Linda and Roland McGinnis with their son Joshua; on the right are Barron and Caroline McGinnis and their daughters Ashleigh and Elaine (front center).

For all of the success and many accomplishments that I have had the joy to share with Focus readers about the retired dentist and university dean, I think family is the most special.  When education and careers come to an end and fade into our past, family remains.  As the grandchildren in this priceless photo have families of their own, there will be new pictures to make that will become new family favorites to cherish.  But, on one day down in Mississippi many years ago, this family photo captured a special moment and created memories to be enjoyed for years to come!