By Steve Williams

Western Michigan, the only unbeaten team in the College Football Playoff rankings other than Alabama, has been on College Gameday and is in the hunt for a Cotton Bowl bid.

But the thing the Broncos would like the most but won’t get from the CFP voters is an opportunity to be in the playoffs and compete for the national championship.

It’s not right. So why don’t the gods of college football make it right? They could if they only would.

Basketball gets it right or comes a lot closer to it than football. March Madness gives about one out of five NCAA Division I basketball playing members an opportunity to win it all and be No. 1. Only about one out of 30 get the chance in football.

College Gameday was on hand at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo for Western Michigan’s 11th victory on Nov. 19, a 38-0 blowout of Buffalo as quarterback Zach Terrell passed for a career-high 445 yards and four touchdowns. Despite that win, the Broncos remained No. 21, while Houston slipped past them after its big win over Louisville.

There are currently 10 teams with two losses and four teams with three losses ahead of Western Michigan in the rankings.

All of these schools have football programs respected enough for a No. 1 ranking. Tennessee is four spots ahead of the Broncos at No. 17 and claims six national titles. If Western Michigan can be No. 21, why can’t it be No. 1? We all know that’s not going to happen unless there is a change in the existing system.

Let’s take a vote sports fans. If heavy underdog Donald Trump can be voted president of this country, Western Michigan ought to be able to play for a national championship in football. It’s a game, a sport, a pastime, nowhere near as important as who is running our country. Yet, college football won’t let an underdog have a chance.

The Broncos were to have played Toledo (9-2) last Friday (after our press time) and you better believe I was pulling for Western Michigan. My hope is they will win out and capture the Mid-American Conference championship.

There was talk last week that Western Michigan would get a Cotton Bowl bid if it went 13-0 and was the highest rated conference champion among the non-power conferences. That was the best college football could do for the Broncos.

Baloney! Change the system. Make an exception, and not just this season, but every season to allow every undefeated team in the playoffs.

With five teams this season, the playoff committee could put No. 4 vs. No. 5 on one side of the bracket with that winner to play No. 1. On the other side, they could put No. 2 vs. No. 3. If the favorites win, you’ll end up with No. 1 vs. No. 2. It’s that easy.

And if I may borrow the name of the stadium where the Broncos have toiled and done everything in their power all season, no one should have to ask where Waldo is when the playoffs commence.