By John J. Duncan Jr.

The deployment of 26,000 National Guard troops to Washington for the inauguration was totally unnecessary and was a waste of many millions of taxpayer dollars that could and should have been spent for better things.

It was done purely for political purposes, attempting to reinforce the very false, left-wing narrative that all those who voted for Trump are potentially racists.

As I write this, there are still 7,000 Guardsman on duty there, and the plan is to have 5,000 in place until March 4th, which was the traditional inaugural date until it was changed to Jan. 20th in 1937.

Extra security was put into place at most state capitols too, and nothing happened at any of those places either.  It was and still is very expensive and very boring military duty.

It sounded very dramatic and made some officials feel more powerful and important to say that their intelligence reports indicated potentially violent demonstrations by Trump supporters in Washington or at state capitols around the nation.

All that was really shown was that their “intelligence” was faulty and/or greatly exaggerated.

As I wrote in an earlier column, those who vandalized the Capitol on Jan. 6th, should and will be prosecuted.  However, far less than one percent of those who attended the Trump rally actually went into the Capitol.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters have rioted and looted in cities all over this country over the last several months, including those cities in just the last few days.  Almost none of them have been prosecuted and Vice President Harris has even praised them.

Some in the national media have been trying desperately to stay relevant, such as Eugene Robinson on MSNBC, and have even gone so far left that they said Trump supporters should be “de-programmed.”

Actually, the ones who need psychiatric treatment are those who are still so obsessed with hatred for former President Trump, such as the women on the tv show “The view.”

Obviously, and unfortunately, hatred won the last election.  There was no enthusiasm for candidate Biden as shown by the 50 or 60 cars that would show up at his rallies compared to the 30,000 or so that would come to Trump rallies in almost every state with very little advanced notice.

Someone said that most who voted for Biden hated Trump so much that they would have voted for Kermit the Frog if he had been the Democratic nominee.

The election boiled down to Trump versus anti-Trump, and the antis won.

The theme of President Biden’s inaugural address was unity, but his words rang hollow when he did nothing to stop the impeachment of the former president, which he could have easily done.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote; “If Democrats and the left wished to reinvigorate the Trump legacy, they could have done no better than unleashing their unhinged and often repulsive hatred of the last two weeks.

Now, the country will go through an impeachment that is based on nothing but hatred.  Sad. Very Sad.