By Ralphine Major

She made her entrance ever so quietly this year.  “Fall” opened her gifts of spectacular color much later than usual, making a bridge between summer’s stifling humidity and the harsh winds of winter.

Long-time friend Bryce Williams, meteorologist/photographer, has permitted me to use, once again, one of his magnificent photos from the New England area.  Taken when fall colors were at their peak, the multicolored leaves look like a beautiful tapestry at the hand of our Creator.  Set in Vermont, the barn and silo bring back memories to this farmer’s daughter.  Growing up on our dairy farm in East Tennessee, the tall silo was a familiar scene.  Our father worked tirelessly each summer to fill the silo with green grasses and grains called silage.  The silo preserved the food for the cows to eat during winter.

Finally, fall has been found as the transition is made to the upcoming winter.  Thanks to such beautiful photos, we can still enjoy the wonder of God’s beautiful tapestry even when it is gone for the season.  “You are the God who does wonders.  Psalm 77:14 (NKJV)