Firing Of Ronna McDaniel Shows Bias, Hatred Of MSNBC

By John J. Duncan Jr.

During my senior year at U.T. (1968-69) I was a fulltime reporter for our morning daily newspaper, The Knoxville Journal.

In those years it seemed that the Journal gave you titles instead of money, and I was called the Assistant State Editor.

This meant that I helped cover and write stories about events that happened in our circulation area outside of Knox County.

While I had a nice title, I really was the youngest and least important reporter on the staff. I worked under the supervision of the veteran state editor, Juanita Glenn.

I majored in Journalism and received my B.S. degree in August of 1969. The School of Journalism at U.T. was very small then and was divided into three sections: news-editorial, radio-TV, and public relations-advertising.

It was renamed as the College of Communications just as I graduated, and we were given the choice of having our degrees say B.S. in Journalism or B.S. in Communications. I chose Journalism.

I then taught journalism and American government at one of the largest high schools in Virginia for one year. I went to law school at George Washington University five nights a week and three hours on Saturday.

I enjoyed teaching very much and reluctantly gave up the job so I could go fulltime to law school and finish up faster.

It was very easy to get both my newspaper and teaching jobs then, because they were two of the lowest-paid professions, and there were 1,748 daily newspapers in the U.S. and very few who had degrees in journalism.

Now it is difficult to get jobs in either field because teachers’ pay has gone way up and because hundreds of daily newspapers have gone out of business. There were 1,279 dailies in 2018, but 360 more have gone under since then.

I give all this background to tell you why I believe there are very few true journalists in the news business today.

When I was a journalism student, reporter and teacher, we were taught, and I taught, that there was a difference between the news pages and the editorial page.

Reporters were not supposed to, and would not have been allowed to, express opinions in news stories.

They certainly could not have used terms like “obviously false” or “baseless claim” in writing about the 2020 presidential election except on the opinion pages.

Today, many reporters seem to be frustrated politicians instead of reporters. They seem to want to be elected officials without having been elected.

And no host on MSNBC should ever be called a journalist. They are plain and simple propaganda artists, and Sean Hannity is right when he refers to that network as MSDNC, because it really is an arm of the Democratic National Committee.

This latest firing of Republican Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel by NBC — before she ever got on the air — shows how biased and one-sided that propaganda machine is.

NBC Universal is now owned by Comcast. I hope that conservatives nationwide will switch their cable provider if they are still hooked up to Comcast.

The hatred that the hosts on MSNBC have for Donald Trump and his supporters is so extreme I believe they need psychiatric treatment. I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or Joe Biden, but I didn’t hate them.

Ronna McDaniel would have been the first Republican hired by MSNBC or CNN who was still a sincere and honest Republican.

All the other so-called Republicans on those networks have an axe to grind against the party. And actually, Ms. McDaniel may have been hired because they figured she was angry at Trump for removing her as chair of the party.

It is also laughable to hear these biased fanatical hosts on MSNBC and CNN and other leading Democrats say they are trying to protect our democracy. They had efforts going in 30 states trying to kick Trump off the ballot and keep many millions from having the right to vote for him.

Even the three left-wing women on the U.S. Supreme Court thought that was going too far.

I was not surprised at the effort to have courts remove Trump, though, because the hatred and anger of those on the far left never ceases to amaze me.