Fools don’t change, don’t take correction, don’t take responsibility, and don’t adjust to truth. Instead they skew the facts and rewrite history to justify their behavior.’

Henry Cloud

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

The insanity worsens every day. Surrealism is an art movement perhaps best exemplified by Salvador Dali’s painting of melting clocks. As I look out through the “windows on the world” I see a surrealistic landscape where reason, science and common sense have been cast to the wind of perverse politics, the cancel-culture and leftist racism, socialism and anti-Americanism.

The Apostle Paul, on his second missionary journey – circa 50 AD, found himself in Athens, Greece. Ever the proselytizer, Paul used the opportunity to present his belief in Jesus Christ in synagogues, in the Agora and at the Areopagus.

I’ve had the good fortune to visit Athens twice, the last time a decade ago. For many years I’ve been fascinated by the ancient Greek culture, the birthplace of democracy. The word democracy derives from demos, meaning the people, and kratia, meaning rule. I have climbed the Acropolis, walked through the ancient marketplace (Agora) below the Acropolis and stood at the Areopagus where Paul debated epicurean and stoic philosophers. The word Areopagus derives from the Greek god, Ares and rock, and it is a big rock. It is smaller than Ayers Rock in Australia, but nonetheless substantial.

On the Areopagus stood the altar To An Unknown God, which Paul mentions in Acts 17:23. A council of “experts” met at the Areopagus to make sure spiritual and philosophical standards were kept, especially those which might challenge Greek orthodoxy. Recall that 500 years earlier, Socrates was convicted of treason by such elites, for not venerating Athen’s gods and corrupting the minds of the youth. They executed Socrates. President Trump is fortunate that he was not convicted of treason for disagreeing with leftist orthodoxy and executed by Pelosi and her band of miscreants. Likewise, Paul’s Christian message was not orthodox and not well received by the “elitist” of ancient Athens.

Paul was no fool and no shoddy philosopher. Paul was known to challenge elites, sarcastically scolding experts in Corinth asking, “How long must we put up with fools?” Apparently, a long time because the Teacher in Ecclesiastes (circa 1000 BC) lamented, “Fools are put in many high places” (Ecclesiastes 10:6).

Paul was highly educated, articulate, spoke four languages and was passionate for The Lord. In one of the great defenses of the Christian ethos, Paul begins by quoting Epimenides, one of the Athenian elite’s own, in Acts 17:28: “For in him (God) we live and move and have our being.” Irrefutable logic for anyone existing within Creation and not a fool.

Though not my favorite genre, I’m reading biographies this year. The Founders recommended biographies and I’m no fool so I will partake of their wise advice. I just finished reading David McCullough’s beautiful book on John Adams.

You may remember the odious Stamp Acts of the mid 1760s, enacting taxes on the American colonies without their representation in the British Parliament. (Colonials considered themselves British citizens.) The taxes were to pay for the expensive French and Indian War.

Riots resulted throughout the colonies and the “foolish” Acts were soon rescinded. Adams saw the Stamp Acts as providential because they gelled a revolutionary spirit which would become the American Revolution ten years later. iPOTUS and Pelosi should study history.

I continue to wonder when people will admit they’ve been foolish. Recently, I read an essay describing Christian evangelicals who were so disturbed by President Trump’s alleged peccadillos that they voted for pro-abortion Biden. Are you disturbed by the latest stimulus where the Federal Reserve just “prints” $1.9 trillion? You realize we don’t have this money, nor the $4 trillion approved last year or the $800 billion Obama pushed through in 2009. Only a fool would think a keystroke at the Fed could magically produce dollars. Actually, it will just create more debt for our children and grandchildren, and devalue the dollar in your pocket. Did you know they haven’t even spent a trillion dollars left over from last year’s stimulus? And 85% of Obama’s “infrastructure” stimulus in 2009 just went to unions (public-sector teachers, etc.) who donate money to Democrats. We don’t need more spending in Washington. We need to open up the schools and America businesses.

Perhaps with the exception of a few octogenarian yellow-dog Democrats, there are fewer and fewer true-blue liberal Democrats. These days most who once labeled themselves as Democrats are actually socialists, leftists and progressives. The latest spending boondoggle is labeled as the most progressive legislation in history, as if that’s an accolade.

Progressives believe in ever larger government, redistribution of wealth (like $1400 going to felons in prison with iPOTUS’ stimulus), universal healthcare, a ‘living wage’ and that man is perfectible by feeding and educating the masses. The scheme proposed by Jean Jacque Rousseau three hundred years ago hasn’t worked, and can’t work with our schools shut down.

What fool could argue that an open border with sex and drug trafficking and a humanitarian crisis is good for America or victims? One Texas town recently found that 25% of illegals tested positive for Covid. What fool denies what he/she sees and believes Biden has the capacity to manage this country? iPOTUS is a figurehead and just signs what is put in front of him.

What fool would still listen to the World Health Organization which is controlled by China? And what fool believes windmills and solar can provide enough energy? Apparently, iPOTUS’ handlers want America again dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Are there fools who want to go back to the energy policy during Jimmy Carter’s disastrous presidency? The iPOTUS climate czar, John Kerry, says the climate catastrophe is coming in nine years and America can’t prevent the apocalypse. The vacuous AOC said much the same thing. Who believes biologic men should compete against biologic women? Should these gender-identifying “women” share public bathrooms or showers with our daughters and granddaughters? iPOTUS seems to think so from his executive order. Who believes Tennesseeans should financially bail out poorly run New York, Illinois and California governments? I guess fools would raise their hands in the affirmative.

I’m sorry for this polemical diatribe, but this revolutionary is mad as hell.