Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them for the fruit they produce.

Jesus Christ

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Becky loves snow, and so do I. Since we’re retired, we were not inconvenienced by the first snow of 2024. We were prepared, but that included a quick trip to Kroger’s after church to pick up a few items; and it seemed the rest of Knoxville did as well. It is my observation that snow-prep includes the trinity of bread, milk and hotdogs.

I was critical of the Knox County school system’s recent closure because of a rain and wind forecast. A well-connected friend said that the administrators were worried that wind would blow the buses over. Give me a break. It did rain, but far more wind emanates from Ol’ Joe. I wonder if anyone has done a study on the cost to businesses and for childcare when schools close.

It is difficult to predict weather in the Tennessee Valley. But it is hubris to think that we understand the climate, weather systems or can predict mother nature. The ancient Greeks thought that arrogant pride (hubris) was the worst of human sins. In fact, the Greek tragedies were written to portray the foibles of man, and hopefully educate people to choose virtue and avoid mistakes.

I’m not a meteorologist, but a forecaster for the “storms” ahead. A friend asked me why the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is recruiting workers with “severe intellectual disabilities, psychiatric problems and those with disabilities such as paralysis or those with missing extremities.” A rational person can’t understand how an organization that oversees American aviation can promote such DEI lunacy. Or why the Johns Hopkins Hospital has a DEI Chief who disparages “white people, heterosexuals, men and Christians.” She was forced to recant, but the damage was done. Their culture has been revealed. This “forecaster” could never advise a patient to go to Johns Hopkins because such cultural rot endangers patient care. The modern trope – go woke, go broke – says it for me.

DEI is a tornado tearing across America. It is in corporate boardrooms, medicine, government, sports, academia and virtually all aspects of our culture. DEI stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. However, progressives have turned diversity into a divisive cudgel. Progressive Democrats have made equity an execrable policy. Equity is a policy of mandated outcomes, rather than equal opportunities under Constitutional rule of law. And lastly, tolerance has become intolerance of anyone who disagrees with Democrats. Therefore, DEI must “DIE” if America and its ideals of freedom and equality are to survive.

The ancient Chinese general, Sun Tzu, maintained that you must know your enemy. You may not understand the mindset of a DEI loon, but you should know about them. DEI advocates are neo-Marxists and of the same stripe as ANTIFA, BLM and the pro-Palestinian insurrectionists swarming the White House or glueing themselves to highways.

It’s snowing as I write on MLK Day. It’s also the day of the “Hawkeye-Cauci,” as Rush Limbaugh used to say. But I’m distracted by the execrable Fani Willis, Fulton County District Attorney, one of the many Democrat operatives using law-fare against President Trump to interfere with the 2024 election. This hack is having an illicit affair with a married attorney she hired to prosecute Trump. And when caught trysting, she told her church congregation the criticism is racial. Like Dr. King, I believe the content of one’s character is what’s important, not skin color. This woman has a dark heart.

The vast number of Americans are good, decent people, even if they disagree on politics. Unfortunately, there is a small number of anti-Constitutional subversives who are already making plans if President Trump is reelected. If you doubt me, read the NBC News article of January 14, 2024 entitled “Fears grow that Trump will use the military…” I’ve previously written of the dangerous times in which we are living, and especially the crisis period between November 4th and Inauguration January 2025. You should never underestimate the danger of hatred.

The climate change loons make long range forecasts based on computer models. I’m not a computer expert like my son-in-law. However, I do understand the trope “junk in, junk out.” In other words, the highly suspect inputs in the computer models have corrupted the models’ results. The loons who follow climate “scientists” Al-gore, Lurch (aka John Kerry), barista AOC and “neurodevelopmentally” impaired Greta Thunberg, to block highways, destroy art and howl at the moon are clueless and their forecasts should be ignored.

So, with these disclaimers, I’ll venture my intermediate range forecast for 2024. Ol’ Joe is way too old, demented and the Progressive Democrat policies he’s rubber stamped have been disasters. He has no achievements to run on and will step down after pardoning Hunter and his family of current and future crimes. Pomade Newsom will be the Democrat nominee in Chicago. Kamela is toast, but don’t ask her for toast recipes.

Iowans have spoken and President Trump triumphed in the Hawkeye-Cauci. Trump will be the Republican nominee and will be historically reelected as President. To paraphrase the odious Maxine Waters, 45 will historically be 47. And anarchists and loons will become violent when Trump is reelected.

There is a high risk of attempted assassination, but 47 will persevere as he has done since he first became a presidential candidate. And because Trump now understands the enemy, the FBI, CIA, the DOJ and the Deep State will be reformed, justice will be done and America will be great again.

President Trump will finish the wall and those who broke the law will be deported. We will become energy independent again because this is a national security issue. Our economy will recover with more businessman-like perspectives and reforming the entitlement mentality. The January 6 political prisoners will be pardoned and released. And we will be safer in a hostile world because our enemies will again respect and fear us.

I was a pretty good doc in my day and part of that was prognostication. I may not be as insightful as a forecaster of national affairs, but I’m working, writing and praying to hopefully make a difference for my country, kids and grandkids. Past generations fought for me, and now it’s OUR time to stand in the gap and support President Trump, the true leader.