By Ralphine Major

I recognize many of the names on the list.  They have long been a part of the Gibbs, Corryton, and Ritta Communities:  Gary Acuff (vice president), Mary Brooks, Teresa Beason, Smiley Clapp, Dana Dalton (secretary), Mark Field, Jimmy Hipshire, Rebecca Longmire, Roy Mullins (president), Richard Schulz (treasurer), James Spears, and Jason Webster (Gibbs High School principal).

Because the school does not have the resources for many important tools and materials for students, a foundation was established this year to help with those purchases.  The Foundation’s initiative is to provide one-on-one technology for Gibbs High students.

“The Gibbs High School zone is mainly rural,” Mullins said.  “The Gibbs High Foundation is working to involve more businesses in the area to help with the funding aspect,” he added.

Certainly, the number of businesses in the Gibbs area has grown over the years, but the business population is not nearly the size of other areas.

The foundation is off to a great start and taking advantage of fall activities and ballgames to promote its agenda.  The first fundraiser will be held at the school on Saturday, October 22, with a barbeque rib cook-off and a car and tractor show.  There is a $50 entry fee for the cook-off and $20 entry fee for the cars and tractors.  Those attending will have an opportunity to purchase some of the delicious barbeque; awards will be presented to the winners; and there will be a sauce presentation, as well.

The foundation will also sell bricks that can be engraved in memory of someone, such as a teacher, student, or another special person.  The bricks will be permanently displayed at the entrance sign bearing the school name.

All donations to the Gibbs High School Foundation are tax deductible.

The Foundation has a Facebook page, website at, and e-mail address: