By Rosie Moore

Some of the things I’m thankful for may seem weird to a few of my readers but bear with me. Perhaps you may have a similar reason to be thankful.

I am thankful for this  cool weather we are having. Now I know you Tennesseans say this is cold weather but to one who has been raised in the North most of her life, this is “cool”. I’m just hoping it will last until Thanksgiving. There’s nothing more frustrating than to have a warm Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for turnips. I didn’t like them when I was young but learned in later life to appreciate their exotic flavor. After the depression, potatoes were a rare commodity so they were expanded by adding turnips to mashed potatoes but we kids could always tell when mother added turnips.

I’m thankful that John Grisham has written another book. The words just keep flowing from this prolific author’s head. The latest is called “Grey Mountain” and deserves a read. He has written twenty-seven novels, one work of nonfiction, a collection of stories, and four novels for young readers.

I’m thankful for photos  on my son’s phone when he and his wife visited Paris a few weeks ago. Pictures of Versailles, Normandy, Notre Dame, the Louvre, many more that I don’t remember. It was like taking a trip myself. Who would have thought years ago that pictures could be seen on your phone? Fascinating! I’m also thankful that God watches over him as he travels from Durham, N.C. to Knoxville each time his alma mater plays at home (UT). It is a long, five-hour drive but he is a staunch supporter of the Vols.

I’m thankful for my grandchildren who help me get rid of the “cookies” on my computer and any other snafus my PC renders me that are confusing.

I’m thankful for poetry that personifies this special season, such as:

“Morning Blessing

As I awoke to the sounds of a pending gloomy day,

I sat and mused of all God’s gifts and then began to pray.

“Thank you, god, for allowing me to hear the thunder roar.

Thank you for my eyes to see the rain that plants adore.

Thank you for my dusty house, a place to rest my head.

Many have no place to live, they have no home or bed.

You’ve given me all I need to cope with life today,

A healthy mind and spirit, your light to lead the way.

So, thank you for your gifts, dear Lord, Please stay by my side

I can handle any task with You as my guide.”    Written by Donna Hammerbacher

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.

Thought for the day: We thank you, God, we give thanks; we call upon your name, declare your wonderful deeds.  Psalm 75:2

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