By Rosie Moore

Well, the turkey is almost gone, and the mashed potatoes and gravy are practically demolished. Our day of thanks is over–too quickly, it seems. The usual thankful prayers have been uttered–thanks for family and friends and good food, thanks for the helpers who had forgone family and friends for a little while to cook and serve the homeless, the impossibly unhappy souls of our town. What would we do without these unselfish workers of the good?

Besides the yearly thanksgiving prayers we yield, there are a few things I am thankful for that perhaps pass by without one noticing. For instance, after the trees rid their limbs of their glorious russet, golden and brown leaves, look around! There is still a lot of greenery left, especially in the mountains. The coniferous trees, holly bushes and perennial plants are there all year to help us while away the winter months.

As much as I dislike the rush of the Christmas season even before Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the riotous display, twinkling lights, moving characters, candy canes along driveways, and fat plastic Santas on the rooftops. Surely we can be thankful for the brilliant array of these scenes that greet our eyes as we travel.

And, speaking of traveling, I am thankful when my children and grandchildren who travel from other states arrive safely–and also give thanks when they arrive back home safely.

I mustn’t forget the variety of seasonal programs on TV. The Christmas movies on the Hallmark and Family channels are thought-provoking and heart-throbbing. Also, there are the many holiday specials. No longer do we need to linger at the “Cops and Robber” shows (and that’s on the evening news!), at least, for a while. And, thanks for the old, old Christmas movies, such as, “White Christmas”, “Little Women” “Falling In Love”, “A Christmas Carol”, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and “Miracle on Thirty-fourth Street.” We know most of these movies by heart yet the season cannot pass without watching them one more time. They are a yearly repertoire that just can’t be missed.

As Thanksgiving journeys into the Christmas season, I give thanks that, once again I am able to enjoy these holiday seasons. May everyone out there be as fortunate as I feel. Thank you, my friends.

Thought for the day:

Happy moments–praise God.

Difficult moments–seek God

Quiet moments–worship God

Painful moments–trust God

Every moment–thank God.

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