By Rosie Moore

“I want to take this minute, my Lord, to recite back to you as many things I can think of that you have done for me this day, this week, this month, this past year. You have done great things for me! May a spirit of rejoicing rise up in me as I fill the air with testimonies of all the miracles, graces, and blessings you’ve poured out on my life.”

I read these words in my little book “My Daily Psalms & Prayers” and they immediately resonated in my heart how true the words were. Everyone knows that this month is the month of giving thanks for family, friends, and food. However, I thought of so many things we should be thankful for in our daily lives, such as:

I’m so thankful that my son arrives safely from North Carolina when he comes here to watch his alma mater (UT) play football. Also, that he and his family cross safely over those mountains during the holidays.

I’m so thankful that God is watching over me when I travel safely on the roads to and from various trips here and there right here in town.

I’m very thankful that I can read the News Sentinel and catch up on all the news and especially thankful for the newsperson who gets up very early in the morning to see that I get the paper.

And where would we be without our doctors, our nurses, and all the hospital personnel who see that we get the attention that we need? Thank God for them.

If you have a pet, thank God for them also. They love us no matter how we treat them and console us when we need comforting. They seem to understand what is bothering us and help us forget our problems, for a short time, anyway.

I do want to thank the lyricists and writers of hymns who have given us beloved songs down through the ages.

I do want to thank God for the beauty of His nature, His trees, flowers, bushes and greenery, in my part of the world. We should also thank Him for a starry sky. He could have given us a black void but He loved us enough to give us the beauty of a starlit sky.

There are many, many things to thank Him for that are with us every day. Most of all, thank Him for the days He has given us.


Thought for the day: Gratitude is the memory of the heart.     Jean Baptiste Massieu


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