Gloves Are Off

By Dr. Jim Ferguson


If the election were held tomorrow, Biden would still get millions of votes. Why? Because we have incompetent citizens.

Bill O’Reilly


I doubt that O’Reilly is referring to readers of The Knoxville Focus, but he may otherwise have a point. How could anyone vote for such incompetency?

As I consider the political landscape, it’s hard for me to choose the worst Biden Administration debacle of the week. Is our wandering, demented president, who needs to be led off the stage by his wife and chaperone (Jill), the top item? Or was it the White House being unaware that the Secretary of Defense, sixth in line of Presidential succession, had cancer surgery and complications that put him in the ICU at Walter Reed Hospital?

So-called conspiracy theorists say that the O-Biden Presidency is actually being run by Obama holdovers. But so many “conspiracy theories” have been proven true. Obama’s influence seems plausible since his minions like David Axelrod keep trashing the incompetent ones. But Ol’ Joe needs Obama’s progressives, so these hold-overs get to tell him what to say and do.

However, I’ll choose the millions of aliens continuing to stream across the nonexistent border as the disaster of this week and every week. The border crisis is as objectively real as Biden’s dementia, but the latter is old news and a component of all the other disasters.

Anyone with an ounce of curiosity has asked why Biden doesn’t do something about the border invasion. The crisis could be stemmed with an Executive Order. After all, Biden nixed President Trump’s border wall and the effective “remain in Mexico” policy on Biden’s day one. I’m no expert, but it seems logical that the population exodus from blue states like California, New York, Illinois, etc. is related to Biden’s border invasion. “What?”

You may remember liberals singing of “demographic destiny,” where the influx of migrants would supplant the historically dominant white American population. I feel ashamed mentioning such racist perspectives, but I do so to demonstrate the class warfare of these racist neo-Marxists (leftist progressives) who now control the mainstream media, academia (Ivy leagues, etc.) and the Democrat party.

The Democrat plan was to change Texas and Florida into blue states, where their Electoral College votes would go to Democrats. And when added to California, Illinois and New York, a Republican could never again find a pathway to 270 electoral votes to become President.

The Electoral College was Constitutionally created to give small states like Vermont or Wyoming a say in electing the president. Without this provision, there would be no need for citizens in small states to even vote because populous states like New York and California would choose the president.

Electoral College votes are determined by the total number of senators and representatives from each state. Tennessee has nine electors (one for each of our two Senators and seven determined by our population of 6.3 million). One Congressional representative/elector is awarded for every 747,000 citizens in a state.

California has 52 electors, but after the 2020 census (mandated by the Constitution every 10 years), California lost one Congressional representative and elector, while Florida gained one. Now you begin to see why population shifts are threatening blue states, and why only citizens should determine Congressional representation, not illegals. Arguably, the Democrats want to count illegal aliens to backfill their population losses. President Trump fought to keep illegals from being counted for Congressional representation. And I believe only legal citizens should vote.

We have entered dangerous times because Democrat power is threatened and they are ruthless. I’ll admit that I have become somewhat jaded because we repeatedly hear that this is the most important election. Well, I’m certain that 2024 is because I understand what so-called Democrats have become; and their desperation makes them dangerous.

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley wrote in the New York Post that Democrats are expanding the 14th Amendment theory nationwide in an attempt to remove 126 Republicans from ballots in 2024. These neo-Marxist Democrats consider their vision sacrosanct. Some have even said that the “existential threat” of another Trump presidency is so dangerous that any means justifies the end, including violence and assassination.

Journalists were recently caught on a hot mic joking about the assassination of President Trump. These leftist progressives’ names should be released and they should be fired, but they won’t because more than 90% of the media are Democrats who view President Trump as a threat to “their’’ democracy.

Do you doubt me? The Washington Times recently reported that Biden’s “Department of Justice prosecutors are planning to target thousands of January 6 protestors who gathered in restricted areas around the Capitol, regardless of whether they participated in violent acts or entered the Capitol building.” These tyrants stated, “If a person knowingly entered a restricted area without authorization, they had already committed a federal crime.”

These fascists may as well extend their “restricted area” to Washington, D.C., city limits or even Knox County. I don’t condone or excuse any violence, but how can the Peoples’ House be off-limits to the people? Why did the deep state not prosecute the BLM/ANTIFA “insurrectionists” who rampaged across America after George Floyd’s death? And why did Ray Epps receive just a year of probation from the DOJ, despite being on tape telling people to go into the Capitol on January 6?

As last week’s winter weather system swept across the United States, I thought about the poor illegals, wet and freezing in tents and tenements in New York City, Chicago and elsewhere. What a tragedy that they left their homes to discover what it means to be a Democrat pawn. Even people in sanctuary Chicago are furious that illegals are supplanting citizens. And New Yorker parents are furious because a high school was closed to shelter illegals from Nor’easter rain and snow.

But just as I was finishing this essay, Hunter Biden did it again. He crashed a Congressional Hearing and then stormed out when representatives began to ask him questions. Ol’ Joe once referred to his son, Hunter, as “the smartest man I know,” but this publicity stunt was dumb and emblematic of the utterly inept Biden Administration.

So, what are we to do? A friend of mine advises, “Get informed, get inspired and get involved.” Seems like sound advice and marching orders for patriotic citizens.