By Ralphine Major

The sight was breathtaking!  Just when we were beginning to enjoy temperatures in the sixties and even the seventies, Mother Nature unveiled a surprise!  An early spring snow marked the first day of spring! Evidently, some areas got more than others.  My brother observed that closer to downtown, there was hardly any snow at all.  It is a good thing Easter is still a few days away, or the children would have been  hunting Easter eggs in the snow!

At first glance it was obvious that this was the most beautiful kind of snow.  It was the kind that seemed to wrap around bushes and twigs and cling to tree bark.  Truly, the scene looked like a winter wonderland!  For a few minutes, I stood and looked at this marvel that had coated everything in white.  The world seemed peaceful and quiet, except for the chirping of birds enjoying the dawn of a new day.  I wanted to absorb the beauty that surrounded me.  I realized that the warm ground would cause the snow to leave quickly, so I went inside to get my camera.  From close-up blooms and buds to faraway mountain peaks, the views were spectacular!  While I managed to get a few images of shrubs and trees clustered in white, I knew it was impossible to capture the stillness of the moment and the beauty all around.  It is something that needs to be experienced.  And then, as quickly as it came, the snow was gone.  A new season has come.  It is spring.