Hatred is the mindset of a soul twisted by evil.


By Dr. Jim Ferguson
If a demonstrably corrupt system condemns you, are you guilty? Jesus threatened the elitist ruling class in Jerusalem and was convicted in a midnight kangaroo court on the testimony of lying witnesses. Similarly, Democrats are perverting the legal system with their political lawfare to destroy President Trump, hoping to jail him or even kill him through Congressman Bennie Thompson’s legislation. And remember, Epstein died in federal custody.

The kangaroo court in Gotham convicted President Trump of a crime that wasn’t a crime. All it took was a vile district attorney, a chief prosecutor from Biden‘s Department of Justice, a corrupt Democrat judge, the testimony of a disbarred, serial liar, conman and thief along with the unprovable recollections of a prostitute to convince 12 denizens of New York City, that President Trump was guilty of opposing Democrats and the ruling class. The Joker would be proud to claim these reprobates as members of his criminal gang.

I have come to distrust the legal system and its lawfare as much as I distrust the legacy media and the corrupted institutions of our government and culture.

In 1787 a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government he and the Founders had given the country at the Constitutional Convention. He answered, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

A republic is a system of government built upon the rule of law. The lawfare in New York is evidence that the third branch of our government has been corrupted by Democrats, Trump haters and the Washington establishment that Trump threatens. If this injustice is allowed to stand, our republic no longer exists because its foundational rule of law has been destroyed.

It was the head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police who infamously said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” Alvin Bragg and Joe Biden’s Justice Department found the man and the denizens of Gotham proved that the rule of law no longer exists in New York City and the police state has come to America. It would be naïve and foolish to have anything to do with Gotham, but unfortunately the police state has spread beyond New York City and threatens Main Street, USA.

I practiced medicine for 50 years and was never sued for malpractice. That is unusual. In our litigious and victim conscious society, malpractice lawsuits are relatively common. Perhaps I was lucky. Perhaps I practiced good medicine, was thorough and honest with my patients.

My one and only interaction with the legal system was a civil suit. After exhausting all avenues, I resorted to suing a pool construction company for shoddy work. Our supposedly expert attorney was a courtroom disaster, but the jury, nonetheless, sided with us. Then, I learned about the legal system. The corrupt Knoxville judge overturned the jury’s verdict. That was the day I became a legal system denier, just as I questioned the 2020 election results.

I suspect most have heard the biblical story of the woman caught in adultery and brought by lawyers and elites to Jesus for judgment. Their goal was to trap Jesus and ultimately destroy him (John 8). Essentially, Jesus refused to accept their false premise of law and adultery, where a woman was guilty, but not a man. Jesus challenged their injustice, and destroyed their indictment by remaining silent while scribbling in the dirt, perhaps writing the names of townsmen who had “dated” the woman. After the scoundrels had slunk away in defeat, Jesus forgave the woman and told her to “sin no more.”

These days conspiracy theories abound. However, we may need a new term because so-called conspiracy theories are repeatedly being proven true. A newsworthy example is the Hunter Biden laptop story now proven legitimate. The New York Post story was suppressed by the intelligence agencies, Democrats, the major news media, as well as social media like Twitter and FakeBook and I could go on. Reportedly, 17% of registered Democrats would have voted differently in the 2020 election if the New York Post story had not been suppressed. This was election interference and our country has paid a terrible price.

We must wise up and stand up if America is to survive the current civil war. Democrats have learned an effective strategy: accuse others of doing what they are already engaged in. What better way to misdirect people’s attention and put Republicans on the defensive? The media goons then label us as “deniers.”

I could cite a dozen other examples, but I’ll just mention a few. The Russian collusion hoax was engineered by Hillary Clinton with the Steele Dossier, aka “pee-pee tape.” (If you’re puzzled by the crass descriptor, look it up.)

Another actual conspiracy, first labeled as a conspiracy theory, sprang from the Biden family’s illicit business dealings in Ukraine. The “leaked phone call” of President Trump, asking Zelenskyy about these dealings led to the Ukraine hoax and Trump’s impeachment.

Lastly, the Covid conspiracy theory claims have been silenced with the revelation of Covid lies told by Fauci et al. Fauci and our government did, in fact, financially support gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China. Fauci et al made millions of dollars on the deals and worldwide, millions died. The Chinese wet market and the pangolin ruse were classic Democrat misdirections.

We must rise up and not allow Gotham to spread and Washington to be America’s Panem (Hunger Games). A friend recently asked me what he can do. I had multiple suggestions. Call your congressional representatives and ask their staff for the representative’s stance on issues and voice your own (Becky and I are on speed dial to our representatives). Hold our elected officials accountable at the ballot box. Volunteer for candidates who support your conservative and American values. Write letters to the editor of your local paper. TALK to people about your beliefs. But like Jesus, decline to simply accept a false premise in discussions. And boycott DEI and woke businesses and travel destinations (I have dozens on my list).

I have a voice in this opinion column. But of far greater importance is that all of us VOTE in this critical November election. And then the rebuilding of America can begin.