By Ralphine Major

Weather aside, Tennessee was on track for a great day on January 19, 2019.  Tennessee’s National Guard Band belted out the tune to Rocky Top.  The three stars always seen on the Tennessee flag  were positioned in their proper places so they would represent the West, Middle, and East Tennessee regions equally.  The stage was set for the inauguration of our 50th Governor, Bill Lee.

I was impressed with the young man who led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He was articulate for his young age.  It was of great interest to learn that Bill Lee had been a mentor to this inner  city youth for many years.  What a special moment as the Governor-elect took the oath of office for the job to which Tennesseans had elected him.

The long-shot businessman/farmer addressed the crowd gathered in Nashville and thousands more watching on television.  His message was filled with history and hope.  His words sounded sincere and genuine.  His presence was down to earth.  It almost sounded more like he was having a conversation with a neighbor than making a political speech.  His vision for the Volunteer State seemed heartfelt as he shared that Tennessee has been blessed with prosperity, but there are 15 counties still hurting.  The new governor has planned a rural road map to help those who need it most.  It will not be an easy task, and  Governor Lee deserves our support as he works to make Tennessee the best it can be for the citizens.  Inauguration Day, 2019.  It truly was a great day in Tennessee!