By Ralphine Major

The scenic drive was filled with farm land—beautiful green pastures dotted with homes and cattle.

Greene County in Upper East Tennessee is known for its agriculture.  When we visited the area many years ago, that was of particular interest to our father who was a dairy farmer.

Greene County holds a special place in history, also.

Greeneville was home to America’s 17th President.  A stately two-story brick home sits on Main Street in downtown Greeneville.  It belonged to Andrew Johnson.  In the huge back yard is a lovely weeping willow tree that seems to be standing watch over the grounds.

Just a short distance away is the tailor shop where Johnson worked before, he became involved in politics.  Both buildings are tourist attractions that give insight to the man who started his political career as mayor of Greeneville and later served in the state legislature and United States Congress before becoming President of the United States.

Greeneville, Tennessee—a place steeped in our nation’s history!  Happy President’s Day!