By Ralphine Major

She is nineteen years old, but already talented beyond her years.  She is a native of North Knoxville and attended Inskip Elementary, Gresham Middle, and Central High Schools.  She specializes in drawing portraits of people.  It could be said that Hannah Delk gets her artistic ability from her mother, Denise, who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in art from Berea College.  While Denise had some of her artwork published in college and even wrote some children’s books, she put her dream on hold to raise her family.  Hannah is now paving her own way in the artistic world.

Hannah was recently accepted as a member into the Fountain City Art Guild and has participated in a juried show.  For her first art show, she entered two drawings and received Honorable Mention on one!  It was a portrait she had drawn of Steve Carell for her mother.  This young artist already realizes the importance of giving back to her community by doing a display for the Knox County Fountain City Library.  A very accomplished clay artist, Hannah makes miniature figures and scenes out of oven baked clay.  She has entered the “Decorate a Pumpkin Contest” at Fountain City Library for the past four years and won in her age category every year!  The contest requirements were to decorate a pumpkin based on a book using anything besides actually carving the pumpkin.  The first year Hannah won by making all the characters in “James and the Giant Peach” out of clay and arranging them on a small pumpkin she had painted to resemble a peach.  Subsequent years she depicted “Matilda,” “Harry Potter,” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.”

Hannah also has done art projects for her church.  In an online contest, she drew Katie Perry’s cat which resulted in “Kitty Purry.“  Family is also important to Hannah, and she has drawn many pieces and given to family members as gifts.  Hannah gave one drawing to her grandmother that featured her father and his brother.  She gave another drawing to her mother that featured Hannah and her siblings.

Hannah hopes to continue her formal training in the field of art and is currently working at a daycare facility to help finance her education.  Hannah charges $10 an hour for pictures and can draw people, pets, and various other subjects in 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14 sizes.  You may contact Hannah about her artwork by e-mail at or by messaging Facebook under Hannah Catherine Delk or under “Art Is A Part.”  She can also be reached by calling (865)689-5235.