By Ralphine Major

It is one of my favorite sights on the university campus. It is also one of the most photographed as the image can be seen on note cards, postcards, and other items. When I was at the university, a black and white photo appeared on the paper tablets students bought for writing themes. Ayres Hall sits on “The Hill” at The University of Tennessee facing Cumberland Avenue.


During my first year at UT in the early seventies, one of my classes was held in Ayres Hall. It was an adventure just entering the building. I could almost feel the history when walking through the halls of the magnificent iconic structure. Even then, it was untelling how many lessons had been taught on the green chalkboards. Some of us ventured up the stairs to the very top floor and looked out over the campus. One spring day, the professor held our class outside on the front lawn. Beautiful architecture gives so much character to the building named for Brown Ayres, the 12th president of the university. Built in 1921, Ayres Hall turns 100 this year!

As students return to the UT campus, may they have a safe and productive school year. Thankfully, the stately old building known as “Ayres Hall” still stands proud atop The Hill serving more generations of students.


Words of Faith: “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” Psalm 32:8 (KJV).