By Rosie Moore

With the elections news in the foreground it’s hard to keep one’s mind on things. I missed writing about some subjects last week, concerning February, so I’m going to add them today. I don’t think March will mind.  Because Easter is  being celebrated a little early this year, I’m having a hard time keeping up with events.

Shrove Tuesday was on February 9th, the day before Ash Wednesday on the tenth. Shrove Tuesday brings many fond memories to my mind because up North that is Fasnacht Day. Fasnachts are six inch powdered doughnuts that melt in your mouth. The tradition is to eat the very best foods before the Lenten season begins.

February  29th was “Leap Day” which commemorates our extra day of the year. I thought of the many people who must wait four years to celebrate their birthday (well, actually, I’m sure they celebrate their  birthday the day before other years). There are thousands who have “two birthdays” and I am one of them, my birthday is falling on Labor Day this year (September 5). Sometimes I think it’s bad enough to have one birthday, but, to have two–oh, no! Many people’s birthdays fall on holidays. I have a daughter born on Columbus Day. Also a daughter born May 15th, which  falls on Mother’s Day every so often.

Thanks to AT&T and their U-Verse program, I now have ME-TV. I didn’t ask for it, really didn’t want it, but they programmed it in my TV just so they can charge me more on my monthly bill. I am enjoying it however. All those famous sitcoms from the seventies and eighties–maybe even the sixties– are being shown such as: Barney Miller, LaVerne and Shirley, Happy Days, All In The Family, and many others. They are a big change from all  the criminal shows that are so prevalent today. I remember how hilarious those programs were back in those days, and they’re still funny now but not quite as funny as when I saw them the first time. There are some instances that can still provoke hilarious laughter no matter how many times I’ve seen it, such as  some episodes from Johnny Carson’s show. And I can watch Home Improvement over and over and it still tickles my funny bone.

People admonish me that I live in the past. I tell them that, no, I only visit the past. It is imperative to remember the pleasant memories and overlook the unpleasant ones.

St. Patrick’s Day  will be celebrated this week. I’m sure many of you know the story of how he converted those Irish pagans to Christianity. He used the shamrock –a three-leaved plant– to explain the Holy Trinity. Down through the years  his day has been celebrated by parades, dancing, special foods and a lot of green. So wear something green and enjoy!

I want to add that the title of my article is a Biblical quote. It can be found in Isaiah 28:10.

Thought for the day: After the game, the king and the pawn go in the same box.    Italian proverb.

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