Hope in a new year

By Ralphine Major

It was the start of a new calendar year and a new school semester. One of our teachers in our junior high school—now known as middle school—stood in front of the class with her grade book. She held it up for everyone to see and slowly turned the page. The sheet was clean; there was not a mark on it. Her message to the class was that everyone had a chance to “turn the page” and start new with a clean slate. It was her way of encouraging students to work more, study harder, and try to get better grades in the new semester. For some reason, after all these years I am often reminded of her brief lesson as a new year begins.

So it is, also, with life. The thought of a new beginning is uplifting. A new year brings the opportunity to do more for our fellow man, to help others, perhaps volunteer for a favorite charity, or visit a shut-in just a little more often throughout the year. A new year is another opportunity to experience God’s greatness in the majestic wonders only He can give, such as enjoying the breathtaking sunrises and peaceful sunsets. A new year is a chance to pray more, witness more, and walk closer to our God. Despite the horrific tragedy and destruction that has taken place in our world, especially in recent months, a new year brings hope for peace and harmony for all mankind for it is our Savior, the Prince of Peace, who created the world and everyone in it. Each new year and each new day bring hope for a better tomorrow.

Words of Faith: “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” Romans 15:13 (KJV).