By Jedidiah McKeehan

Being a judge is an important and prestigious job. These are not jobs they just hand out to anyone, these jobs are few and far between. Knox County is unique because it is the location where many judges hold court. Knox County is home to a federal courthouse and the Tennessee Court of Appeals for East Tennessee, so the number of judges in Knox County is much higher than it would be in an outlying county.

Here is the non-exhaustive list of judges regularly holding court in Knox County. Sincere apologies to any judges I have missed or misstated their home base of operations.


U.S. District Judges – Four

U.S. Magistrate Judges – Two

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge – One

U.S. Social Security Administrative Law Judges – Thirteen


Tennessee Court of Appeals Judges – Three

Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals Judges – Three

Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board Judge – One

Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims Judges – Two


Knox County Chancellors – Three

Knox County Circuit Court Judges – Four

Knox County Circuit and Chancery Child Support Magistrate – One

Knox County Criminal Court Judges – Three

Knox County General Sessions Judges – Five

Knox County Criminal Magistrates – Five

Knox County Juvenile Court Judge – One

Knox County Juvenile Court Magistrates – Five

Knox County Juvenile Court Child Support Magistrates – Three


City of Knoxville Municipal Judge – One

Town of Farragut Municipal Judge – One


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