What if the border between Mexico and the United States was wide open, so that anyone could cross and live on the other side at will? One thing is certain: the distinction between Mexico and Texas would soon dissolve.

Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford

From introductory notes on Nehemiah, 1986 Student NIV Bible


By Dr. Jim Ferguson

I’m not sure we’re going to make it. What I mean is, for the first time in my life, I’m scared. Not for me because I’ve had a blessed life. I’m scared for my children and my grandchildren because the Democrats are making such progress toward destroying our country.

Perhaps the most disturbing is an FBI whistleblower’s allegations of malfeasance and weaponization of the FBI, the nation’s most powerful police force. And remember the Democrat mantra: whistleblowers like Yavanovitch, Vindman, etc. are always to be trusted.

William Wordsworth once penned, “The world is too much with us…” and even patriots need a break from the front lines. So last week Becky and I went to the President’s Cup golf tournament in Charlotte, NC, for our 47th anniversary. I told the people we ran into, “We’re lifers!”

When I travel, I notice people’s attitudes as well as the scenery. Despite being a big city, Charlotte has a reputation for friendliness which I found to be true everywhere we went. Perhaps it’s because they’re Southerners and it’s our nature.

Becky and I dressed in red, white and blue in support of the American team playing an international team. I considered whether someone might be troubled by my red Let’s Go Brandon hat, but the baseball cap complimented my white polo shirt and blue shorts. And I am tired of being respectful of people who deserve no respect. Among the thousands of spectators following the golfers, I received nothing but high-fives and compliments regarding my hat. Perhaps golfers are also fans of Brandon Brown who won his first NASCAR race at the Talladega speedway, made even more famous by Will Ferrell in “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby!”

I’m not a journalist, someone who supposedly reports the news. Actually, the mainstream media are not journalists, but Democrat activists. Notable media types have excused themselves from objectivity saying they had to counter the threat of President Trump. So let me state for the record, I am not a journalist; I am a weekly columnist offering my observations and opinions.

And it has been my observation (and many others) that whatever the Democrats accuse you of, they are already doing. Last week’s big story was Democrat hypocrisy. The uber-liberal seventeen thousand people of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts said they were unable to care for fifty illegal aliens from Venezuela, despite their ubiquitous virtue-signaling yard signs expressing liberal euphemistic blather.

Have you noticed how the verbiage has changed? In the early 1950s, people illegally crossing the Rio Grande River were called “wetbacks” and deported. In recent years the term “illegal aliens” was used, which morphed into illegal immigrants and now, people in our country illegally, are referred to as just immigrants. Since Biden and the Democrats destroyed the Southern Border, perhaps the term illegal is no longer valid. But if that is true, perhaps by the same logic the United States is not a country, since it no longer has a border.

I’m sympathetic to people wanting to come to America in hopes of a better and safer life. I’ve never read of Americans trying to sneak across the border into Russia. But then I wouldn’t move or sneak into crime-ridden Baltimore or Memphis. I’ve seen crime and poverty while doing mission work in Central America. Along with my church, Becky and I have helped many refugees come to America and our community. But this was done legally and now they are all American citizens.

Years ago, I had a discussion about refugees with a Democrat progressive who advocated massive government-sponsored immigration. I asked him if he would shelter refugees since he had a large house and was affluent. He said, “Oh no, I couldn’t do that.” I guess Oprah, Obama and all the other rich liberals of Martha’s Vineyard felt the same since within 48 hours the Vineyard deported the immigrants to someone else’s neighborhood.

The problem is that liberalism is driven by emotion rather than logic. And because liberals claim they “feel” so intensely, they believe they operate from a higher moral plane than someone who tempers passion with practical considerations. I have a friend who has a summer cottage on the Vineyard and she is disgusted by her preening, liberal, hypocrite neighbors. The old saw is “Put up or shut up.”

However, there’s a more sinister motive for allowing 3.5 million illegals into the country on Biden’s watch. The strategy is to turn Texas into a blue state at which time the Democrats will control the electoral votes of California, New York and Texas. And Republicans will never win another presidential election. The border crisis will never be fixed. The Democrat policy is not a humanitarian issue. It is the unadulterated pursuit of political power.

When Becky and I do road trips we like to listen to audiobooks. On this trip we listened to “Red Notice” by Bill Browder. It is a suspenseful true story surrounding international high finance, a topic “beyond my paygrade” to quote Obama. However, the real story is the corruption of Putin and governmental institutions in Russia. Don’t be put off by the high finance setting. The book reads like a “who-done-it.” I recommend the book as a thriller, but more importantly the analogies between our corrupt FBI leadership and Putin’s FSB, formally the KGB, are stunning. I once thought that I would like to see Moscow’s Kremlin and St. Petersburg’s acclaimed Hermitage art museum. After reading this book I want nothing to do with Russia. And unfortunately, Ukraine is as corrupt as Russia.

As I finish this essay, the Congressional House Republicans have just released their “Commitment to America’’ where they outline their strategy to correct the disastrous direction of the country. Their focus is “a strong economy, a safe nation, a future built on freedom and a government accountable to its people.” I am not a Republican and I am skeptical of all politicians. However, my preliminary review of the details is encouraging and demands further consideration.

The 1994 Contract with America helped the country and leveraged Bill Clinton’s return to the political middle. As strange as one might think, I’d take Bill Clinton in a heartbeat over Biden’s progressive handlers.

The only practical way forward is to get registered, vote November 8th or we’re done.