I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘secure’


By Dr. Harold A. Black



Why do Hispanics cross the southern border in pairs? The signs say “no trespassing.”

Florida governor DeSantis is sending illegals from Florida to “sanctuary” sites. He is being criticized as being inhumane and using the illegals as pawns. The same has been said about the governors of Texas and Arizona that have bused illegals to Chicago, New York and Washington, DC. The last time I looked Arizona and Texas share a border with Mexico. However, Florida only shares the Gulf of Mexico. So tell me, why hasn’t anyone asked how did the illegals get to Florida? Were there flotillas from Venezuela landing in Florida in the dead of night? No. At least 70 planes of illegals were sent to Florida’s Jacksonville airport by the Biden administration. The illegals were then put on buses and taken to locations up and down the east coast. Flights of illegals also landed in the middle of the night in Chattanooga and then boarded buses. Where did they go? Eyewitnesses reported that the buses were from a company in Georgia and transported the illegals to Florida, Alabama and Georgia. Our senators and governor expressed their outrage but were unable to do anything about it.

There were probably other locations as well where the federal government off-loaded illegals. In addition to the flights, there are reports of busloads of illegals being sent from the border to sites throughout the US. Why isn’t the administration being attacked liked the governors of Florida, Arizona and Texas? One wonders if most are being sent to states governed by Republicans. Surely, if the Biden administration had been busing and flying illegals to New York, Illinois, or DC we would have known about it. The difference is that Biden’s buses and planes arrived in the middle of the night. Those from Arizona, Florida and Texas have arrived during daytime. It is interesting that the city of El Paso, TX which has a democratic administration and which has been overrun with illegals and experiences serious problems associated with homelessness, illegals living on the streets, problems of sanitation is now sending busloads to northern cities. I haven’t heard the White House, other Democrats or the mainstream media criticize those fellow democrats.

Rather the White House has feigned outrage calling the actions by the Republican governors as creating a “humanitarian crisis.” Asserting that a few hundred illegals can create a humanitarian crisis in Chicago, New York and DC is laughable. The real humanitarian crisis is in the small towns along the southern border where small communities are overflooded with illegals. The White House said that “using migrants as political pawns is shameful, is reckless and just plain wrong.” Huh? Then was the flying and busing of illegals by the administration “shameful, reckless and just plain wrong?” Perhaps the only way to get the Administration’s attention is to have the Democrat leaders of New York, Illinois and DC complaining about the illegals. The governor of California actually called for the “Justice” Department to investigate the other governors for kidnapping! Perhaps Governors Abbott, Ducey and DeSantis should send a few busloads to Beverly Hills and Napa Valley.

Since Biden has been in office over two million illegals have come across the border. They are not just from countries to our south. They are from 160 of the 195 countries in the world including China, Afghanistan, Haiti and Yemen. We have no idea who is coming into the country. Alarmingly, although Biden threatened Americans who had not been vaccinated, illegals are allowed in the country without being vaccinated. As a result, we are seeing diseases once thought extinct reemerging into the country.

The vice president has said that the border is “secure.” You would think that the media would lambaste her over that obvious lie. Yet it didn’t. When the White House press secretary was asked if the border was secure, she said that the border was secure but more work was needed. Again the mainstream media gave her a pass. However, even the most rabid supporter of this administration would be hard pressed to say with a straight face that the border – which is a sieve – is “secure.”