By John J. Duncan Jr.

Joe Biden will be sworn in as president this week, and I hope for the sake of this country that he does a good job.

As I said in my last column, he has been very nice to me every time I have been around him, but I really thought he was not the best man for the job.

Even husbands and wives and best friends disagree sometimes, and I did not agree with President Trump on everything. But on the big things, he was a very good president.  It was just his personality that got him into so much trouble.

I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or Joe Biden, but I never had even the slightest bit of hatred for any of them. However, with the effort to impeach President Trump with just a few days left on his term, many of the Democrats in Congress showed that they were obsessed with hatred for the president.

I watched very little of the impeachment proceedings in the House, but all of the Democrats I saw seemed to be emphasizing how fair and honest they thought the election was, trying to convince the country.

However, one of the polls after the election showed that 77% of Republicans, 49% of Independents, and even 28% of Democrats thought there was significant fraud in this election.

Another poll found 83% of Republicans thought the election was stolen.

An election law specialist who testified in the U.S. Senate hearing said his team found 42,000 in Nevada who had voted twice, over 1,500 dead people who were recorded as voting, and 8,000 who voted with non-existent addresses.

John Lott, senior advisor to the Justice Department, published a study on Dec. 29 concluding that 368,000 “excess votes” tipped the election to Biden, and Pennsylvania legislatures found over 200,000 more votes were recorded than the number of people who actually voted.

Mr. Biden’s lawyers fought tooth and nail to prevent detailed examinations of the Dominion voting machines. Why?  In only one place, a small county in Michigan, did a judge allow such an analysis.  In that one county, it was found that over 6,000 votes for Biden actually were votes for Trump.

Bart Marcois, a career foreign service officer and official election observer of more than 30 elections from Yemen in 1992 to Tunisia in 2019, found our presidential election totally dishonest in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee.

He wrote: “In every other big city in America, Biden underperformed Obama and (Hillary) Clinton, but in those four, he scored 10 points more than either of them.  How? Each showed an enormous and statistically impossible spike in votes for Biden, recorded during the hours with no observers present in Detroit and Philadelphia, where the midnight vote deliveries came in trucks or vans. Like in Georgia they were pulled from under the table.”

The newest issue of the Smithsonian magazine, has a story of Joseph Rainey, a Republican, who in 1870 became the first African-American elected to Congress.

He was defeated in 1878 in a heavily Republican district.  The magazine said “years later, Southern Democratic leaders boasted about all kinds of illegal acts” during the election.

It would not be surprising years from now to have some Democratic leaders boast about how they stole the Presidential Election of 2020.