By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Will there always be an America? I never considered this until recently, but the question is at the heart of the border crisis and alien invasion versus lawful and legal immigration. The president clearly understands and articulated the issues in his national address. The safety of the American people is the primary function of government. Apparently, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi disagree with this fundamental truth.

The media shout that the border situation is a “manufactured crisis.” Well, that is patently false because the media’s darling, Obama, previously stated “There is a crisis on the border.”

President John Adams once said, “Facts are such troublesome things.” Trump described the dire situation on our Southern Border, where human traffickers prey upon women and children, and drug cartels smuggle illicit drugs into our country. These illicit drugs kill more people every year than the 58,000 Americans who were killed in the entire Vietnam War.

If we can’t control our borders and if our citizens are not all held to the same standard of law (Hillary Clinton), America no longer exists. Interestingly, 93% of Americans believe illegal immigration is a serious problem and even 88% of those who call themselves Democrats agree the problem is serious. Chuck and Nancy apparently don’t see the problem, perhaps because they see through the lense of politics, but more so because their vision is corrupted by hatred of Donald Trump.

We have been dealing with the immigration crisis for decades. We have laws on the books and immigration policies. Unfortunately, illegal immigration is perceived as advantageous to the Democrat party who needs dependent voters. And apparently Washington politicians such as Hillary Clinton, believe they are above the rule of law.

Chuck and Nancy call themselves Democrats, but the ideals of John F. Kennedy’s party have been replaced by hatred of Donald Trump. If Trump is for anything, the Democrats and the media are against it. Perhaps Schumer and Pelosi are no longer in control of their party. Radical socialists like the utterly clueless Alexandria Cortez, the man-hating Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono of the Kavanaugh hearings and the foul mouthed Detroit Congressman, Rashida Tlaib are the new faces of the Democrat party. Perhaps Schumer and Pelosi are just trying to regain control by promoting the “Trump hatred syndrome.” Instead of policies to protect America and make it prosperous, Schumer and Pelosi are demonstrating they are political creatures of the Washington swamp – actually, I think it’s a cesspool. Chuck and Nancy will do and say anything to stay afloat in the muck. Pelosi’s own daughter described in graphic terms her mother’s ruthlessness.

Consider this: if America has no borders and its laws are irrelevant, does America still exist? The new governor of California, Gavin Newsom, in his inaugural address, said that California will remain a sanctuary state and that he will restore the Obama-care mandate which had previously been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Newsom may just be pandering to progressives, socialists and leftists, but I’d hate to be subject to the crime and taxes his policies are promoting. And perhaps NYC’s Alexandria Cortez has gotten together with Mayor De Blasio who said the city will now pay for all medical care of residents. I’d hate to own property or have a business in NYC and be coerced into paying for another Democrat boondoggle.

Factually, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Schumer and Pelosi have all voiced support for border security with a wall/barrier and have advocated as much as $50 billion to provide border security. Hatred of Trump now takes precedence over protection of American citizens.

The media says Trump lies, but how can we know because the media, exemplified by CNN’s Jim Acosta, is driven by hatred and has become patently dishonest. At this point, all we can do is look out our windows and ask ourselves if the sky falling as CNN, the NYT, the Washington Post and NBC allege. I’ve seen no ill effects of the partial government shutdown. Perhaps we have so many government agencies and workers that some are not necessary. Like Panem in The Hunger Games, Washington DC is fabulously wealthy, and the five counties surrounding DC are the wealthiest in America.

Though I have no interest in Hollywood’s self award shows, I read that the hosts of The Golden Globes were apolitical and viewership was up. Similarly, I have noticed that viewership and attendance of NFL football games are up. Perhaps it’s because the players are not taking a knee for the social justice movement. I boycotted NFL football and sponsors like Nike for the last eighteen months. Since I am again comfortable that the flag and my country will not be disrespected by players whose average salary is more than two million dollars, I’ve started watching playoff football. Trump had the courage to call out Kaepernick and his ilk. Trump helped to make football great again!

Donald Trump is not a smooth talking sophisticate. True to his roots, he’s a brawler from Queens. Like me, he’s not without passions and sins. During the Clinton years Democrats opined that results were more important than personal peccadilloes. I am not excusing Trump for his past, nor Obama’s or Bill Clinton’s for theirs. However, at this moment it is time to build the wall, solve the immigration crisis and return to the rule of law. Trump is currently the only man with enough courage to lead us out of the Swamp. He should be supported instead of denigrated by Chuck and Nancy, Holly-weirds or self righteous pseudo journalists.

If government’s job is to protect us, and quarantine is a very effective measure to prevent the spread of disease, protecting our borders is especially important as we enter the flu season. Reports from the border reveal rampant flu syndrome and tuberculosis among the immigrants. If we listen to Chuck and Nancy, the borders will remain porous and Americans will continue to be exposed to infection, drugs, and crime as the invasion continues. We once used Ellis Island and quarantine to protect America, but those days are long gone. It is time to build the wall, obey the law and Make America Great Again.